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  Welcome to Year 3 - Bumblebee class


 Class Teacher  -  Mrs L Bowden

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs S Midgley

Key Information

Welcome to the Y3 Bumblebee Class home page of 2023-24.  Please check in regularly as there will be weekly updates, reminders and lots of information about our wonderful learning in Bumblebee Class.  One afternoon a week our class will covered by Mrs Hellawell who the children know very well from Year 2.  The children will need to have their PE bags in school all week but our usual days for PE will be Mondays and Tuesdays.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have a questions or queries about Bumblebee Class - I am always happy to help!

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Our Weekly News


Week beginning 18.09.23


We have had a very exciting week this week and have all enjoyed learning and exploring new things.  Our Shipton village and woodland walk was a massive success this morning and the children love learning new facts and interesting things about the village.  All of the children were great role models for the school values and showed awesome perseverance in walking around 4 miles.  We explored the streets and local amenities as well as fields and woodlands.  On that note please check your child for any ticks which are apparently in the area.  In Science, this week we have been exploring different materials and learning about opaque, transparent and translucent.  We will be making a shadow puppet show using the best materials so, next week we will conduct an experiment to make sure that we know which material is the best for the job.  In art, we sketched trees using our mini 'trees' to help us to think about the texture of the trunk and branches.  The children's writing in English has been fantastic and their understanding of how to make their writing better is really shining through.  I am so proud of them all.

Our maths journey this week has found us exploring different mental strategies to solve problems.  We asked ourselves - can we make 10 or use doubling to help us or could we partition the number to make it easier?


Have a good restful weekend and we look forward to seeing everybody on Monday.

Week beginning - 5.09.23


What a great week we have had getting to know each other in Bumblebee Class.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our discussions and our learning this week and we are all looking forward to finding out where our learning journeys will take us.  This week we have started our English learning journey based on the text driver 'The Tin Forest'.  We have made a story map to recall the events in the story and begun to collect awesome vocabulary to describe the forest.  In Science, we are learning about light and I was completely wowed by the number of different light sources the Bumblebees thought of in our first Science lesson.  We have thought a lot about our school values this week and talked and demonstrated ways to show 'perseverance', 'respect' and 'collaboration'.  It has been amazing to see how the Bumblebees have already shown our values in everything they do.  I am already very proud of them.  As a special treat we were lucky enough to have an extra PE lesson on Friday - which the children were very happy about.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday after we have all had a good and much needed rest over the weekend.


Week beginning - 11.09.23


It's been another busy week and the children have produced some awesome writing already.  We have been learning about expanded noun phrases, adverbs and fronted adverbials and the Bumblebees have blown us away with their amazing description.  I think moving around like the animals in the forest helped with their creative verb usage.  On Wednesday, when we go on our woodland and Shipton walk we will add to our wonderful descriptive writing to make it even better.  Watch this space...  

In maths, we have been working on using different mental strategies to solve number problems.  Some of these new strategies have been challenging but with perseverance and more practice we got there.  Well done Bumblebees!  We are practising our times tables daily to see if we can get faster and faster at solving them.  It is working but any practice that you could do at home would be very much appreciated.  We are currently working on our x10.

Science was great fun this week as we explored shadows using torches in a darkened room.  Mrs Holloway was very confused when she found our classroom door covered in sugar paper.  During our investigation, we discovered how we can create shadows and how to change the size of them.

The children are loving our class book 'The nothing to see here hotel' by Steve Butler, and today we spoke about our favourite books.  It is so lovely to see such enthusiasm for reading.  Thank you for supporting your children's reading at home and recording it in their reading log - a little daily practice goes a long way to support their progress.  

Next week, the children will come home with a little blue spelling book which will contain words that they need to learn to spell.  These are either words from the Year 2 or 3/4 Common Exception word list or from their work in class.  Please support you child to learn to spell these words.  I will be looking for these words to be spelt correctly in their work.  Please keep the spelling books in their reading pockets so we can use them at school as well as home.  Many thanks!


Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.