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Spelling Home Learning


Once your child finishes their Little Wandle phonics programme (usually at the end of Year 1 or beginning of Year 2) they will begin to learn spellings that will help them to continue to apply their phonics knowledge to a wider range of words.

In their spelling lessons each week, your child will be taught a combination of:

  • Words that follow predictable spelling patterns (for example /igh/ in night, flight, etc)
  • Statutory words (words that each year group have been given to learn from the National Curriculum)
  • Common exceptions (common words that do not follow any spelling patterns or rules and have to be learnt by heart) 

Spelling Words at Home

Your child will receive a list of spelling words to bring home, beginning with 5 in their first week. These will be words that your child has spelt incorrectly in their writing over the course of that week. They are likely to, at first, be words commonly used. Over time, your child will start to bring home the common exception words and their year group's statutory words. By choosing words directly linked to your child's writing, we can ensure that each child is making progress that is useful to them and will immediately have a positive impact on their writing.

We will not be formally testing these spelling words each week. Instead, your child will need to prove that they have learnt these words by using them in their writing accurately. Once your child's class teacher has seen a word spelt accurately independently, they will provide your child with a new word to learn.

By checking your child's spelling progress in this way, we are able to ensure that they are able to apply their learnt words independently to improve their writing, rather than just learning a list which then becomes forgotten as the words are not used.

Resources to help

To help your child to remember their spelling words and apply them in their English home learning, they will also receive some resources in their home learning books to help them. They can also use the links provided to enjoy learning their spellings in a fun and interactive way.

Spelling Beehive

There are lots of fun ways to rehearse your spelling words. Your child will bring home a sheet which will have some ideas of games and activities that they can do to help them remember their words.


 Games and Activities Links

Arkadium Spellings


Spelling City

Power Spelling

Spelling Training


Little Wandle Grow the Code Poster

This poster shows all the different ways to spell each sound. Your child uses this poster in their Spelling and English lessons to help them choose the correct graphemes while spelling.