Shipton Bellinger Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

School Timings


Morning Session

 7.30am ~ 8.45am          Breakfast Club

8.40am ~ 8.50am           Children come gradually into class

8.50am ~ 9.00am           Day starts and morning register taken

9.00am                              Morning register closes

10.45am ~ 11.00am       Morning play

12.00pm ~ 12.50pm       Lunchtime

Afternoon Session

12.45pm                            Start to pack up things on the playground

12.50pm                            Whistle and line up

12.50pm ~ 1.00pm          Children calming activities

1.00pm                               Afternoon starts and register taken

3.10pm                               End of normal day

3.15pm ~ 4.15pm             Clubs (Tue, Wed & Thu)

3.15pm ~ 5.30pm             After school club (closes at 5.00pm on Fridays)


Length of school week in accordance with DfE expectation is 34.92 hours.