School Meals


All children in Infant classes are offered Universal Free School Meals (obviously they can bring packed lunch if they prefer)

All children in Junior classes can have School Meals as and when you would like them at the daily cost is £2.50 each. This should be paid either daily or weekly in advance.


Please click "here" for details of menu choices (your child will also have been given a hard copy of the menu at the beginning of term).  

All children in infant classes receive fruit snack each day.


If you think you could be entitled to Free School Meals - please click this link and fill in your information for an immediate response, even if your child is in the Infants and receives Universal Free School Meals, it is worth checking out still as you could be entitled to vouchers etc. during the Covid19 periods:


 From May 24th 2021 - 23rd July 2021 there is also a Picnic Pack Option available.

Please see menu below: