Teaching Staff                      


Mr M Nightingale Headteacher
Mr D Whitehouse Deputy Headteacher / Junior Leader
Mr D Whitehouse Teacher Year 6 

Mrs L Luke

Teacher Year 5
Mrs S Abbott Teacher Year 4
Miss E Whyte Teacher Year 3
Miss R Connew Teacher Year 2
Mrs E Richards Teacher
Year 1
Mrs V Wills Teacher Reception
Mrs S Abbott
Inclusion/SENCo/Infant Leader


Planning Preparation and Assessment cover

Mrs J Hobhouse

Mrs C Tomlinson


 ‘Without teachers there would be no other profession'



Support Staff  
Mrs J Oakes Senior Administrative Officer
Mrs R Emm Administrative Assistant
Mr D Stubbs Caretaker
Mrs R Stubbs Caretaker
Mrs Y Dodge Caterer
Mrs J Barton Catering Assistant
Mrs S Gregory Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Hellawell Learning Support Assistant - Emotional Literacy Support / PPA Cover
Mr T Moon Learning Support Assistant / Library Co-ordinator
Mrs Z Hill Early Years Assistant
Mrs J Griffiths Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Sutthery Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Glasspool Supervisory Assistant & Crossing Patrol
Miss E Ramsden Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Christer Supervisory Assistant
Mrs D Cuthbert Supervisory Assistant
Mrs R Stubbs Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Wareham Supervisory Assistant
Mrs K Smith Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Midgley Supervisory Assistant
Mrs T Simmonds Supervisory Assistant


Sunrise & Sunset Club (Before & After School Care)
Mrs Z Hill Supervisor                                                                                                              
Mrs J Christer Assistant