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  Welcome to Year 6 - Lion Class

Teacher  -  Miss A Macleod

Learning Support Assistant -  Mrs G Hudson


Key Information

PE - Wednesday and Friday (however PE kits should be in school at all times). 

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Learning Overviews 2023 -2024


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Our Weekly News

Autumn Week 3 

This week we went to the poles for our school council elections! Monday saw us hear short speeches from our candidates; posters were displayed in our classrooms and on Friday, we visited the ballot box in Mrs Holloway's office. Our Monday assembly and PHSE sessions saw us explain why democracy is important and how it sits within out British Values. The election results will be announced on Monday with the first meeting of our new school council taking place on Thursday. 

In English this week we have focused on sentence structure. We have looked at how we can use coordinating conjunctions to create compound sentences as well as how relative clauses can be embedded within a sentence to add detail. In addition we have introduced ourselves to hyphens to avoid ambiguity. Katherine Rundell is a wonderful author and our class text, The Explorer, has allowed us to study how varied sentence structure can make a text engaging to the reader.

Maths this week has focused on all things area and perimeter! We have looked closely at rectilinear shapes and looked at how we can use incomplete information about them to work out the information we are missing. A tricky skill but one all children have made great progress in! 

The theory of evolution formed the core of our science learning this week as we looked into Darwin's journey to the Galapagos. We looked at some of the unique species that are found there and how they have changed and adapted over time to best suit their environment. Looking closely at the world was a skill that also featured in our art learning this week as we started to design our South American inspired Arpilleras. 

Our geography this week provoked some really thoughtful reflection as we 'visited' the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. I was really impressed with the appreciation of the complexity of the lives of those who live their from the children. 

Another great week in Year 6. Well done all! 

Autumn Week 2

This week we travelled to Brazil, the capital of carnival, on our learning journey through the Americas. We started to explore this vast and vibrant country in geography and looked a little more closely at carnival in art, sending a postcard home summing up our experiences!

Maths this week saw us focus on informal strategies for addition and when to use them. In addition we took on some challenging addition multi step problem solving something that all the children really got to grips with well. 

In English, we carried on our exploration of 'The Explorer'. We created instructions for raft making as well as crafting some beautiful setting descriptions bringing the Amazonian Rainforest to life. All the children worked hard to explore what it would feel like in the Amazon using all 5 senses as well as showing off their use of prepositional sentence openers. 

PE saw us develop some skills that may well be useful in the Amazon: first aid and boxercise! Whilst in science we introduced Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy, as we looked at how we could  categorise all the wonderful creatures and plants we come across. 

All in all, a wonderful week. Well done Year 6!

Autumn Week 1

What a fantastic start to the academic year we have had! I could not be more proud of how the children have settled and started their Year 6 journey. This week has seen us really learn to embody our school values: Collaboration, Perseverance and Respect. From what I have seen this week, Year 6 are fantastic members of the Shipton team: true role models for our younger children.

This term we are starting our 'Journey Through the Americas' topic in Argentina. We have learnt about the famous geographical features such as the Iguazu Falls and the highest peak in the Americas, Aconcagua as well as looking at the culture of Argentina and where it sits within the Americas. In art, we transported ourselves to Buenos Aires to send a postcard home! All in all a great start to our learning.  

In English this week, we have started our new learning journey based around Katherine Rundell's Explorer. We have introduced ourselves to the 4 main characters (Fred, Con, Lila and Max) and used our inference skills to work out what they are like. We have also put ourselves in their shoes and thought carefully about what we would do if we found ourselves lost in the Amazonian Jungle. In maths we have warmed up our 'times table' engines by identifying any gaps in our knowledge whilst focusing on refreshing and expanding our place value skills. 

It has been a warm but wonderful week and I can not wait to see Year 6s smiling faces as we launch ourselves in to week 2 on Monday.