Shipton Bellinger Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Year 5 - Owl Class

Teacher - Mrs E Webber

Learning Support Assistants - Mrs S Gregory, Mrs J Griffiths and Miss T Porter

Key Information

Welcome to Owl Class. Please check each week for updates of our wonderful learning.


  • Swimming Lessons at Tidworth leisure Centre will commence on Tuesday 12th September and will continue until 5th December. So please remember swimming kits!
  • PE - Wednesday & Friday
  • Your child will have a reading book from our school reading scheme and a reading for pleasure book from school or home. Please make sure reading books and personal spelling books are in school everyday. 

School Council

We have voted for two members of our class to represent Year 5 in the School Council. They will have weekly meetings to discuss important issues and help make decisions in our school. 

 Learning Overviews 2023-2024 


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Our Weekly News

Autumn Term - Week 3

Wow, we are already at Friday! Our week began, with our school council candidates giving their speeches. I'm so proud of each and everyone who had the confidence to put themselves forward. Today the children voted for who they would like to represent our class. Results will be announced on Monday... watch this space! In English, we have been learning about parenthesis and using brackets and dashes to add our extra information. The children created their own sentences using parenthesis about a planet. We have also generated lots of ideas for own planets and thought carefully about what grammatical structures we would need in our writing to make it interesting to the reader. 

We have continued our work on place value and rounding numbers to the nearest, 10, 100, 100 and 10,000. We are now starting to look at mental strategies we can use to add and subtract large numbers. 

In Art, we have created fantastic space pictures using a range of skills and tools. The final result was brilliant and are proudly on display. 

We used the instruments this week to learn and play chords, the children showed collaboration when learning to do the chords on the glockenspiels with a partner. Our History learning as been focused on the launch of Sputnik 1 and how this was one of the first events of 'the Space Race'.  We were also fascinated by the live footage of the international space station that we watched during our science lesson. 

Well done for another great week Owls!

Autumn Term - Week 2

This week, we were very excited to start our swimming lessons. 

We all had fun tested our skills during astronaut training. Activities varied from building lego with gloves, to testing out speed and even launching a rocket!

We have started a new English Learning journey using a short film 'Pandora' about a new planet. The children were given a research task to find the meaning of the tier 3 vocabulary. It was fantastic to see this tier 3 vocabulary then being used to explain the planet. We also had a go at presenting, by recording voice overs for a film about the new planet. 

Our learning in maths continues with place value. We got the opportunity to do our maths learning outside and even made a human number line. Our enrichment PE session this week was tri-golf. The children had fun working together to complete the course. 

Next week, the children who wish to be considered for School council will be presenting the children with their speech. Voting will take place on Friday 22nd September. 

Autumn Term - Week 1

What a fantastic week we've had. It has been lovely to hear what the children have been up to over the summer.

Our topic for this term is Space and this has inspired our English learning journey. We have read the story, 'The planet in a Pickle jar'. The children generated their own ideas for an imaginary planet and used prepositions and expanded noun phrases in our writing about them. We even created our own sensory jars using the ideas from our creative writing. 

In maths, we have got back into our routine of daily timestable practise and begun our unit on place value which now involves larger numbers. The children have used concrete resources to explore larger numbers and partitioned the numbers in different ways. 

As part of our PE learning, we have started a first aid course. It was great to hear the knowledge that we already have in regards to first aid. Our  Friday enrichment PE lessons are ran by Active 360 and we are working on team games. 

Don't forget swimming starts on Tuesday. We will be back at school at approximately 3:20pm.

Have a lovely weekend Year 5!