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Learning Support Assistants - Mrs R Pope and Mrs S Crofts

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 - PE - Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings

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 - Isabelle-Mae Simmonds and Dylan Goode

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Our Weekly News

Week 1 Autumn 3 


What an exciting week! In Maths we started looking at decimals... how grown up are we?? We worked really hard on turning fractions to decimals, specifically tenths and hundredths. 

We also celebrated International Science Day investing the question 'What could we do about the food and drink we have to help the environment?' The children did so well and worked collaboratively to come up with freezeframes which represented better choices of where to buy your food.

Week 1 Autumn 2

Yet another busy week in Fox class. In Maths, we are visiting fractions again and challenging ourselves to identify them as decimals! Aren't we all grown up!

We had a very exciting workshop with virtual reality headsets. The children were absolutely amazed and enjoyed it so much whilst learning about historical figures such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. 

Throughout the week we have been learning about our chosen idol for history week - Roald Dahl. The pupils have absolutely loved reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and then they used what they had learnt about the ticket winners to write a diary entry. The diary entries were fantastic and it was really tricky to choose amongst all the entries to read it aloud in our assembly.

Week 7 Autumn 1

Week 6 Autumn 1

Week 5 Autumn 1

We had many "light bulb" moments this week as we got to work making our first complete and incomplete circuits. Their faces literally lit up in amazement as they achieved lighting up their bulbs and were able to identify what was causing their bulbs to turn off and on. Next week we will be looking in to electrical conductors and insulators. 

Celebrating poetry week and the theme of 'refuge,' the children were very respectful of what was a hard hitting message. They were then able to reflect on what makes a refuge for them and wrote it in to a collom lune poem in the shape of their favourite place. Well done to the pupils who were chosen to read theirs aloud to an audience the following afternoon! Of course our lovely Mrs. Pope had spent the weekend writing her own poem inspired by our text driver 'The Iron Man,' which the children loved to listen to. 

In English we have been writing our newspaper reports on the horrific event of the space-bat-angel-dragon that has landed on Shipton Bellinger. They have been working to apply their best handwriting and are getting to grips with the new expectations that is required of them for year 4. An example such as being able to listen to and apply verbal feedback from me and the year 4 team. Pupils are then expected to edit and purple pen their work in order to make amendments that have been discussed. 

Week 4 Autumn 1

 Roll up! Roll up! Get your newspapers here! We have spent the week getting to know what a newspaper looks like and having a peruse of the daily news every morning. We worked as a publishing house as we had to race the clock to make the most eye-catching and puntastic headlines for different stories. Following on, we then looked at the 5 w's in writing and practised putting these skills to the test when given stimulating images. I think my favourite part of the week had to be when we performed our daily news as a news reporter, some pupils were absolutely brilliant and should absolutely look in to being the next BBC headliner act! 

In DT, we have got stuck in with painting and "glittering" absolutely every inch of our robotic hands. Needless to say poor Mrs. Brown had a lot of glitter to hoover up and apologies to parents if you ended up with a sparkly child by the end of the day! 

Money, money, money has been the hot topic of conversation in Maths as we have gotten to grips with familiarising ourselves with small change. 

Week 3 Autumn 1

Another jam packed week filled with learning and many smiles. In Maths, we have continued our work with 4 digit numbers and even made our own routines to say our numbers out loud. We then challenged ourselves to write the same numbers in words.

In English, we have been finishing off our 'Wanted!' poster for the Iron Man, specifically thinking about when to start a new paragraph and working on our handwriting.

We took a deep breath and embarked on our first DT lesson of the term designing our robot arms - this took a lot of patience as we had to remind ourselves how to measure with a ruler. 

Finishing off the week, we took part in our class vote for our new school councilor which will be announced next week! The class did so well staying silent outside the voting booth (Mrs. Holloways office) and were respectful of each classmate who signed up to be a school councilor. 

Week 2 Autumn 1

Wow, how are we on Friday already?! In Maths we have continued working on our place value with 4 digit numbers. This then moved on to rounding to the nearest 100 and 1,000 which we persevered with for three full days.

In English, we have been reminding ourselves of different sentence types and continued reading our class text 'The Iron Man' which has certainly gotten more gripping by the page. The children then worked in pairs to practise writing character dialogue with inverted commas. They then read their work out loud to the class. If you fancy a bit of entertainment, the children loved the inverted commas song just mind it doesn't get stuck in your head for the rest of the week!

We started off our DT unit where they have to design a robotic arm and will begin to construct them within the next week. In PE, we had a fantastic time to our new unit of 'stepping to the beat' and were absolutely exhausted by the end.

Well done for another brilliant week Fox class!

Week 1 Autumn 1

What a fantastic start to the new academic year we have had in year 4! Getting stuck in to English from day one as the children have been gathering vocabulary from our text driver, The Iron Man. The pupils have absolutely loved it so far and beg for me to carry on reading every time I come to the end of a chapter. By the end of the week, we had each written a character description for the iron man which were very impressive for our first week back.

In Maths we have taken a big leap as we are looking at 4 digit numbers. We were able to go outside and work in groups to show the place value of each digit and have worked to represent the numbers which place value coins. 

The class book nook is up and running which has meant I have been able to witness some wonderful quiet book worms coming in to have a read during their lunch break. It is open every Tuesday and Thursday lunch time. 

Overall I have to say that I am so proud of how every single pupil in Fox class have stepped up to the challenge of year 4 so far and have been greeting me with a big smile every morning.