Shipton Bellinger Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Outdoor Classroom Day


Year 1

We love to get outside when we can, both for play and for our more formal learning opportunities. This week to celebrate 'Outdoor Classroom Day' we started by taking our maths outside. We are learning to 'skip count' in 2's and what better way to learn than to have lots of active practice by skipping from one side of the playground to the other, counting in 2's! We also used our feet to help us 'see' what we were counting by thinking of how many feet. We finished our day by putting on our waterproofs and wellies and going back to our school wooded area, which we use to really enjoy back when we were in Reception.

Year 2

We celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day by having our maths and science lessons outside. In maths, we were required to solve maths riddles. As we solved each riddle it led us to the new card. In science we had learnt that bats use a very high pitched sound to locate their prey, so we played a bats and moth game. Outside, we made a circle, some people were blindfolded (they were the bats), others were the moths. The bats had to call out to the moths, who had to answer, and the bats would listen carefully for the direction of the sound to capture their prey - a great fun game.

                                                                                                                                                          Year 3 


We had a fantastic time together as we celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day. We started off the day as we went on a scavenger hunt that involved us solving column addition and subtraction. Some of the problems really got us scratching our heads but the class really persevered through each task. A big well done to Elodie, Rose and Oliver M who were able to complete the challenge first as they worked so well as a team!

In the afternoon, the class then went on a fraction hunt around the field and had to find their fraction families. They then took their fractions to the playground and used chalk to draw them on the floor, there was even a bit of fraction hopscotch! 

Year 4

We had a wonderful time taking our Maths and Science learning outside. Our maths learning was based around multiplications and we played backwards Bingo! Working in pairs, we raced around the playground finding clues to solve until our bingo board was full. Another game we played was based finding the missing amounts. When the children had worked out the answer they then worked in pairs to catch a tennis ball, skip or jump the answer. It was a lot of fun but very tiring. 

In science we have started our new topic, states of matter and have been classifying solids, liquids and gases. We used our drama skills to act out how the particles would behave in different scenarios. 

Year 5

We took our Geography lesson outside to celebrate Outdoor Learning Day. Our facts about the physical geography of India were hidden around the Adventure and we had to work in teams to collect them all. Some speedy reading and recording and we were ready to teach the rest of the class what we had learnt. We also enjoyed a fun Maths lesson outside having a number chase. Some quick calculations were necessary in order to avoid being caught by our teammates!

Year 6

In celebration of outdoor learning day, we took our maths learning outside! All children worked in pairs/ small groups to complete a maths clue trail around the running track. As Year 6's teacher, I was delighted to see how engaged all my lovely pupils were in their work as they raced around the circuit. It was also wonderful to see the team work that resulted from the activity and the joy shared that resulted from joint success. Well done Year 6, you were superstars!