Shipton Bellinger Primary School

        Welcome to Year 3 - Bumblebee class


 Class Teacher  -  Mrs J Cheshire

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs S Crofts and Mrs B Pope

School councilors - Elodie Bannister and Jacob Hancock


                                                                                                            Year 3 Topic overviews 2022-2023

 Autumn 1   

                                                                             Autumn 2

                                                                  Key information

- PE days - Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon

We also made some important changes to the way that spelling works across the school. We introduced our 'Have a Go' books with our 5 personalised spellings. Check out our new Spellings Home Learning page to find out more information about how to improve your spellings at home.

Week 11 in Bumblebee class

In Maths we have been working hard on our division skills gaining access to our 'Times Table Rock stars' account which the children were very excited about. I am already starting to see improvements from children who are accessing this at home which is wonderful to see. Early on in the week, we used counters to share and group larger numbers and work out the answer to a selection division questions. We started to notice that the more times tables facts we knew, the more we were able to make connections to our division facts! 

During this week's RE session, we were lucky enough to have Mr. A Sullivan come to teach an extra lesson to support our current unit of 'Angels'. They were asked the questions 'What are Angels?', ''What do they look like?' and Where do they come from?' and discussed their thoughts. We then looked at a collection of illustrated depictions of angels and made comparisons as to which one they liked the most and why. As a group, the class worked together to find the answer to some comprehensive questions about a text that included angels, taken from the Bible.

Week 10 in Bumblebee class


We started off the week in true dramatic style as we re-enacted the Stone Age Boy walking in to the mysterious cave. This was in preparation for their adventure stories which they will be doing over the next couple of weeks. We had to think very carefully about our facial and physical expressions as they envisioned how Om and the Boy would actually look as the suspense builds during the scene.

Later on, we had a somewhat revolting end to the week in our History lesson. In order to be able to investigate what a Stone Age person ate as part of their daily diet, we had to dissect a fossilised poo! Their faces (as you will see below) was an absolute picture and the children handled the sickly task like troopers. We were even more shocked when Mrs. Holloway joined us during the lesson and even had a little taste...yuck! All jokes aside, the children were able to determine as archaeologists from the excrement's that a Stone Age person would likely have eaten fish, berries, honey, oats and much more!

Week 9 in Bumblebee class

What a whirlwind week we have had in Bumblebee! We continued to work on adding and subtracting fractions in our Maths, written our letters home from the perspective of the Stone Age Boy in English and even started our new Science unit which is all! Who would have guessed given our new topic is 'The Rolling Stone Age'?

On Thursday the 10th of November, we celebrated International Science Day as a school. In the afternoon, the class were thrilled to try their hands at a selection of experiments which was met with many 'Oooo's and Aaahhh's'. Have a look at the Science page of our website to see all the fun and exciting things that we got up to. 

We had a very touching Remembrance Day tribute to our military families and all those that have previously served in the armed forces. Singing 'I vow to thee my Country' as a school and holding a two minute silence as a mark of respect, it was truly a special moment. It was also a time to unveil our poppy display that year 3 and the rest of the pupils in the school have spent the last few weeks working on. 

Week 8 in Bumblebee class


We started off the week with excitement and curiosity as we began our new unit...The Rolling Stone Age. In English, we have listened intently to 'The Stone Age Boy' which the children begged me to keep reading every time I had to stop! We brought out the many drama Queens and Kings that we have in year 3 to work in pairs and reenact 'Om' meeting 'the boy' using just our physical and facial expressions. Later in the week, we even hosted a class debate on whether 'the boy' should go home or remain in the Stone Age. The children argued their points beautifully as our classroom could have been mistaken for the House of Parliament! We stood up when we had something to say and listened to one another respectfully without calling out. 

In Maths, we have started our fraction unit of which we had many outdoor learning opportunities as the children discovered you can find fractions just about anywhere! We went out to the playground to find a list of 'whole's' and 'parts' on the playground. If you want to see more of what we up to in our outdoor learning activities, please check out our 'whole school events' page.

Week 7 in Bumblebee class

Phew! We made it Year 3, you have all worked so hard this term and come so very far with your enthusiasm for learning and growing friendships within the classroom. We managed to work out the answers to 3 digit column subtraction and addition numbers which included some sneaky regroupers. We also finished off our flyers which are all about our the local area of Shipton Bellinger. Our Remembrance Day poppies are still underway and will be continued after half term, we are so excited to see the finished product! 

To introduce our next History topic, we explored some gruesome true facts about The Stone Age which the children thoroughly enjoyed and made us all the more excited to start our new topic after half term. 

Week 6 in Bumblebee class

Yet another week full of lots of fun and exciting learning in year 3. We have started to use column addition and subtraction in our Maths to which the pupils were willing to give it a good go! Many eureka moments were witnessed which was such a joy to watch as the children have begun to use the strategy independently. We also made a class effort in to creating our Harvest wreath for the church service which turned out beautifully, thank you to Mrs. Pope for all the preparation you put towards the project. In Art, we have started our next project of carefully constructing clay poppies which will be put towards a lovely installation at the back of the playground. Finally, we had our first drama session which the children thoroughly enjoyed as we worked on trust exercises and explored different movements through the mood of the music. 



Week 5 in Bumblebee class


There were many exciting events that took place in our classrooms this week, the most important one being Poetry Day! We spent the entire day exploring rich poetry all about nature and our environment, discussed what makes a successful poem and even participated in the BBC live lesson dedicated to poetry day. After that, we went on a vocabulary hunt around the school grounds in search for words that could be used in our own poems that we would be writing in the afternoon. In fits of giggles, we watched how poetry should be performed with Micheal Rosen, we particularly loved 'Chocolate cake'!

A very big well done to Kai, Rose, Isabella, Lily, Isabelle-Mae and Jim-Bob who were super brave and performed their own poems in front of the whole school!

Week 4 in Bumblebee class


This week we conducted a science experiment in preparation for our upcoming task of performing a shadow puppet show. We had to decide which material would be best to use for our puppets in light  (pun intended) of what we have recently learned. In groups, the pupils had to order a selection of materials from the most translucent to the most opaque. It was widely agreed that material, such as sugar paper or black card was the best option to use as they were discovered to be opaque and thus not allow any light through. 

Week 3 in Bumblebee class


Year three have had a very busy start to the term with our first school trip (the local walk around Shipton Bellinger). A big thank you to Mrs. Stubbs for joining us on the walk who was able to give us some really interesting facts about the village and how it has changed over the years, we were particularly interested in the old ski slope!
We were able to use our time in the local forest to collect some fantastic vocabulary which we then used in our descriptive writing. Mrs. Cheshire is already so impressed with what she has read so far, very well done to Bumblebee class and keep up the fantastic work.

Week 2 in Bumblebee class


Continuing our work on Place Value in our Maths, we worked together on making numbers with dienes and played the matching number game. The laughter and excitement throughout the lesson was an absolute joy as they worked so well together. 

Later in the week, some exciting events took place... year 3 discovered that 'The Tin Forest' had appeared in our very own playground! 


This week in Bumblebee class...


We have been hard working busy bees in our first week of school as we got stuck straight in to our Maths learning. We worked in pairs, using the Maths resources to represent two and three digit numbers in as many different ways as we could think of.