Shipton Bellinger Primary School

        Welcome to Year 3 - Bumblebee class


 Class Teacher  -  Mrs J Cheshire

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs S Crofts and Mrs B Pope

School councilors - Elodie Bannister and Jacob Hancock


                                                                                                            Year 3 Topic overviews 2022-2023

 Autumn 1


                                                                  Key information

- PE days - Wednesday and Thursday afternoon

- Upcoming events - Shipton Bellinger local walk on the 21st of September

Week 4 in Bumblebee class


This week we conducted a science experiment in preparation for our upcoming task of performing a shadow puppet show. We had to decide which material would be best to use for our puppets in light  (pun intended) of what we have recently learned. In groups, the pupils had to order a selection of materials from the most translucent to the most opaque. It was widely agreed that material, such as sugar paper or black card was the best option to use as they were discovered to be opaque and thus not allow any light through. 

Week 3 in Bumblebee class


Year three have had a very busy start to the term with our first school trip (the local walk around Shipton Bellinger). A big thank you to Mrs. Stubbs for joining us on the walk who was able to give us some really interesting facts about the village and how it has changed over the years, we were particularly interested in the old ski slope!
We were able to use our time in the local forest to collect some fantastic vocabulary which we then used in our descriptive writing. Mrs. Cheshire is already so impressed with what she has read so far, very well done to Bumblebee class and keep up the fantastic work.

Week 2 in Bumblebee class


Continuing our work on Place Value in our Maths, we worked together on making numbers with dienes and played the matching number game. The laughter and excitement throughout the lesson was an absolute joy as they worked so well together. 

Later in the week, some exciting events took place... year 3 discovered that 'The Tin Forest' had appeared in our very own playground! 


This week in Bumblebee class...


We have been hard working busy bees in our first week of school as we got stuck straight in to our Maths learning. We worked in pairs, using the Maths resources to represent two and three digit numbers in as many different ways as we could think of.