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Curriculum at Shipton Bellinger Primary School

Welcome to the Curriculum page of our school website. This is the place to come to find out more information about the wider curriculum that our learners will explore throughout their time here at Shipton.

On individual subject pages, you will be able to find curriculum information, helpful links, homework support and policies.

Our curriculum is strategically planned and carefully sequenced to ensure that the knowledge and skills that our learners gain are developed, revisited and extended throughout each year. Learning builds gradually, with built in opportunities to make powerful links across subjects and carefully planned revisiting. At Shipton, we utilise the term "sticky knowledge" - this is the key core information that our learners need to be able to draw in in order to communicate effectively, make learning choices and evaluate across the curriculum. Our knowledge and skills trackers for each subject ensures that this sticky knowledge is built in and revisited.

Above all, our wider curriculum is a place where learners can shine. They can take the wheel, investigate independently and drive our learning in the direction they are interested in. It is crucially important that our curriculum is informed by our school context. Throughout each subject, careful choices have been made to ensure that our learners see themselves and our school reflected in our curriculum, as well as exploring a diverse and wonderful world.


Our Golden Threads

At Shipton Bellinger, our curriculum is underpinned by three Golden Threads. These were chosen by our staff team as representative of the unique and wonderful context of our school. We are a vital part of our local and wider communities, a school with proud military links with a strong appreciation for the  diversity and uniqueness of our children, staff and families. By recognising and celebrating these aspects of our school through the curriculum choices that we make, we are ensuring that our curriculum matches closely to the values and context of our school.

Our Golden Threads link directly to our School Values:

Golden Threads: Our Community Our Diverse World Our Heroes
School Values: Collaboration Respect Perseverance

While you are looking through the curriculum documents for each subject, you will find areas highlighted in bronze. These are aspects of our curriculum where our choices have been informed and guided by the Golden Threads and the unique context of our school.


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