Shipton Bellinger Primary School


Shipton Bellinger Primary School – Uniform Guidance



We ask parents to make every effort to send their child to school in the uniform listed below. The governors and staff are very keen to encourage high standards of dress and behaviour and are grateful for your support.


School Uniform, book bags and PE bags with our School Logo on is available direct from, we have leaflets for this in the school office, or please see the link here for further details: Click Here




Navy school sweatshirt or cardigan                      

Navy school sweatshirt

White polo shirt (preferably with school logo)

White polo shirt (preferably with school logo)

Skirt (knee length) / shorts / culottes / trousers: grey or black

Shorts / trousers: grey or black

Blue and white gingham dress                              

Socks: grey, black, navy or white

Socks / tights: grey, black, navy or white

Sensible black shoes (no trainers or open-toed sandals)

Sensible black shoes (no trainers or open-toed sandals)

Baseball cap / sun hat / sunglasses – as needed

Baseball cap / sun hat / sunglasses – as needed


Also available - Fleeces and Waterproof coats (with the school logo) for cooler months.


For PE, the children will need white T-shirts (these are available with the logo), black shorts and trainers. A change of socks is desirable. For games during the winter season the children will need to be suitably dressed, i.e. plain, dark coloured jogging bottoms / track suit are essential for all children. No large kit bags are allowed, as space for storing them is at a premium. A pair of trainers is desirable if they wish to play on the field in the cooler months.

Reception children are recommended to bring in wellington boots for muddy activities.


Please can children not wear fashionable shoes or boots with heels or platforms for school? Only flat heels please.





Only wristwatches and small studs for earrings please. In certain situations, e.g. PE and swimming, the class teacher may insist that studs are removed for safety reasons. If ears are newly pierced, please supply surgical tape for protection during these lessons in the first few weeks. NO other jewellery please, especially NO MAKE-UP or rings (health & safety issue).


Hair Styles:

In line with the high standards of dress and presentation at Shipton Bellinger Primary School, pupils are expected to have appropriate hair styles and hair colours. Therefore, we encourage parents to ensure that their children's hair is smart, practical and suitable for school. Tinted / dyed hair or shaved hair with razor-cut patterns and designs is not appropriate during term time. Long hair should be tied up and bows in hair should not be larger than a child’s hand.


Paying for uniform:

The governors understand that uniform can be expensive and ask parents to approach the Headteacher in circumstances of hardship – we are always happy to help!