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Learning and Growing Together

As Historians at Shipton Bellinger, we are always asking questions about the past. We believe that understanding our shared history helps us to understand ourselves. Our  curriculum maps out the substantive knowledge that our learners need to acquire in order fulfil and exceed the national curriculum requirements. The disciplinary knowledge that is threaded through our curriculum ensures that we are developing the ability to think, evaluate, and hypothesize like historians.


Historians at our school will order, evaluate and explore the events and civilisations that have impacted on our society from the very beginnings of time right up to present day. Our Golden Thread of Heroes provides context to our younger learners - by meeting a range of historical heroes, they begin to understand History as a series of stories, ready to develop a wider context as they continue to learn. Enquiry questions anchor our learning journeys and key concepts ensure that learners can make close, chronological links in their learning in order to revisit and reapply their historical knowledge.

Our Golden Thread of Community ensures that the choices we make are relevant and meaningful to our learners. We are so lucky here at Shipton Bellinger to be surrounded by fascinating local history - from Stonehenge and Old Sarum Castle to the secret Spitfire workshops on Salisbury Plain. Our curriculum inspires us to find out more about the past, our local area and ourselves!


Information about our History Curriculum

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Heroes of History Theme Week

At the start of Autumn 2, Shipton Bellinger used one of our Golden Threads to spark off an enquiry question: who are our heroes of history?

We thought carefully about how different historical figures acted, the impact they have had and the challenges they faced within their own time periods. KS2 also considered how we know about each hero by evaluating sources and considering their accuracy.

Throughout the week, each class used drama, writing, reading and many other cross curricular subjects to deep dive into each hero and their historical era. We then shared our information at a celebration assembly on Friday so that we could learn all about the chosen heroes.

Throughout the week, each class was also lucky enough to take part in a VR Headset workshop called The Trials And Triumph of Black History. Each workshop was carefully tailored to each year group and meant that we had a unique opportunity to find out more about some different historical heroes.


Year 6 - Ella Fitzgerald

Year 2 - Louis Braille

Year 3 and Year 1 - Mary Anning

Year 1 loved learning about Mary Anning and her discoveries! We looked closely at fossils and made our own using salt dough. We also wrote information texts about the dinosaurs that Mary discovered.

Year 4 -  Roald Dahl

Year 5 - Katherine Johnson


History at Shipton Bellinger Primary School

Year 5 started this year with a very important enquiry question: how did King John change our country? (That's right... that King John!) Through our study of the Magna Carta and the Baron's Revolt, we learnt how democracy and fair government began in our country. Of course we then had to go and meet King John at Salisbury Cathedral to persuade him to seal the Magna Carta...