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Art and Design

 At Shipton Bellinger we empower our learners to become artists who create, craft and express their individuality in a variety of creative ways. 

Our Golden Thread of A Diverse World, inspires our choice of key artists and a diverse and exciting range of cultures, media and artistic styles. Using these carefully chosen artists as inspiration, we develop the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil our artistic visions and talk passionately about our skill, creativity and progress as artists.

Our curriculum entwines the practical, theoretical and disciplinary knowledge necessary to support a broad and rich understanding of the key aspects of art and design. Our Golden Thread of Community underpins our ongoing whole school (and whole stakeholder) art projects.


Information about our Art Curriculum

Our 2023-2024 3Is for Art                            Skills and Knowledge Tracker



Art at Shipton Bellinger Primary School

Y3 Bumblebee Class have enjoyed exploring the skill of metal embossing linked to their English learning journey ‘The Tin Forest’.  We first had to learn how to draw trees, which was not an easy task.  We used twigs to help us to look closely at the textures we had to create when sketching trees.  Our next step was to draw our tree design and then begin the embossing process.  This took a great deal of perseverance because to create an effective embossing effect the children had to go over their sketch many times.  The children finished their masterpieces by adding a touch of colour. 


Year 5 were inspired by the beautiful descriptions of Sherwood Forest in our class text - Outlaw by Michael Morpurgo. Learning from the work of Andy Goldsworthy, we became careful, thoughtful natural sculptors.

 Owl class learnt about Chelsea Bonestall during our Space themed term. His hyper-realistic work, inspired by his own observations of space, prompted us to create our own collages, which are themed around the Science Fiction genre he inspired.