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                 Reception - Butterfly Class  


       Teacher - Miss  Rickwood

Learning Support Assistants - Mrs Martin


Welcome to Butterfly class! Here in Butterfly class we learn through play and exploring the environment surrounding us. 


Key Information

Tuesday- Indoor PE (black shorts and white t-shirt to stay in school)

Thursday - Show and Tell

Friday - Outdoor PE and Wild area (children to come in wearing PE kit)

Learning Overviews 2022-2023



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Butterfly Class News

Spring 2 Week 4

A short but very sweet week was had this week! 

The children started the week by choosing a tricky word and writing a sentence with it in. I was pleased to see how well the children's writing is coming along and that the children are beginning to learn more and more tricky words! In Maths we are back to looking at numbers 9 and 10, counting backwards and exploring their composition! 

On Friday  we had a busy day filled with PE and going down to the Wild Area, the weather was lovely and the children had lots of fun finding worms, making homes for them and mixing mud pies!

Spring 2 Week 3

WOW, we are already half way through this half term! What an exciting week we have had, the snow was a welcome surprise and we hope you enjoyed your afternoon in the Snow. We took the children onto the field in the morning with the rest of the school to have a play and build some snowmen!! 

The children continue to do some amazing writing, they are all super at using their phonic knowledge and sound mats to help them! Lots of children are starting to give writing a go independently during discovery time which is fantastic - keep it up Butterflies! In Maths this  week we introduced the Part-part-whole model which the children took to so easily, it is a useful model for them to learn and they will use it as they move through the school!

The children have also been enjoying discovering learning tasks which are put out each day, sand trays for fine motor and phonics development, Peg boards for Maths development and inspired by our snow day pictures and talking about snowmen! Show and tell this was lots of fun, we loved hearing about pets or favourite animals, it is lovely to hear and learn about the children through this!


Spring 2 Week 2

Another busy week completed! We have done lots of lovely learning this week, we started the week with a book talk session in small groups and the children were introduced to non-fiction books! Some of the children were inspired to write their own fact files about pets and animals. The children are amazing during our phonics lessons, they are so engaged and love to point out digraphs, trigraphs, tricky words and what makes up a sentence! Maths we began our journey of 9 and 10, looking at representing and sorting! In PE we are continuing our learning of manipulation and control with Mr Murphy, this weeks focus was controlling a football!

World Book Day was the highlight for this week, the children all looked amazing in their costumes! Some children were inspired to write their own books during the day and during Show and Tell they loved the opportunity to share their favourite book!

Spring 2 Week 1


The children have been really excited to begin our new Learning Journey about Pets! On Tuesday they were introduced to our new class pet and the children were given the opportunity suggest names, which we then whittled down to 2 names. From there they each voted for their favourite name, Bingo was the winner by 1 point! They were excited to explore our new role play area which has been set up as a Vets, it has been lovely watching them engage with each other in there and I think there are some budding nurses and vets in the class!

In phonics we continue review our phase 3 digraphs and work on blending longer words. On Wednesday we did an Anti-bullying day and the children wrote about what they could do to be kind to someone else. It was lovely to hear their ideas but to also see them using their phonic knowledge to help them write! In Maths we have finished looking at numbers 6,7,8 and we are looking forward to learning more about 9 and 10 in the following weeks!

As usual on Friday we headed down to the Wild area, luckily the rain held of long enough for us to get back into class! This week we were accompanied by the Yr 1s. This was lots of fun and the children enjoy spending time with the Hedgehog class!

Spring 1 Week 5

BLAST OFF! This week we blasted off into space and the children have done lots of exploring of our Space Station role play area. They have continued to do some fantastic writing, choosing a picture from the book and writing a word or caption about it, it is lovely to see their writing and them using their phonics knowledge. We also started to look at the planets and learn some names of them. In Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of numbers 1-5 and exploring different ways to make them! 

We were lucky to team up with our YR 6 Buddies again on Thursday afternoon to celebrate 'National Storytelling Week'. Miss Macleod hid some clues around our outside area and with our Buddies we found them and worked out which story we would be reading. After listening to a story, the children read to their reading book to their Yr 6 Buddy  before listening to their Buddy read to them! It was a lovely opportunity for us to get together with them!

Spring 1 Week 4

This week we went up up and away in a hot air balloon! We followed Simon the squirrel in his adventures into space to go shopping, the children loved playing with the parachute pretending it was a hot air balloon. They each did some beautiful writing telling us where they would like to go on their hot air balloon. As the weather has been a little warmer we have been able to open up our outside area the children love interacting with our outside area and this week there was lots of ice around which gave us a great opportunity to learn about what happens to water when it freezes!

The children are still enjoying their PE lessons by Mr Mathews and Mr Murphy, in our indoor sessions the children are working on simple Gymnastic skills and in outdoor sessions we have been working on body manipulation and simple ball control!

Spring 1 Week 3

We have had another busy week in Butterfly class. Our Story of the week was Jack and Flumflum Tree, the children enjoyed the exploring and joining in when telling the story. We transformed the role play area into a boat and the children enjoyed going on adventures and making their own treasure maps! The children continue to progress well with their phonics and are really getting to grips with tricky words! As we were focusing on boats this week it gave us the opportunity to look at capacity, we explored this using water, pasta and lentils. We finished the week with  a lovely trip down to our Wild area, they love spending time down their exploring the space!

Spring 1 Week 2

All aboard!! This week we took a journey on a train after Mondays assembly the children were given a train ticket and boarded the Butterfly express! We explored the book The Train Ride and this inspired discussions about journeys that the children had gone on and they got creative with Marshmallows, pretzels and cheerios to make their own trains. In phonics we are getting to grips with more Phase 3 sounds, the children are doing so well learning the new digraphs/trigraphs! We also enjoy playing games with the tricky words to help them learn them. We continue to enjoy our PE sessions with the Active 360 coaches supporting us! 

Spring 1 Week 1 

Welcome back! We have had an exciting start to the Spring term, the children boarded the Naughty Bus! Our new topic is 'On the move', we will be exploring different types of transport over the next few weeks. They enjoyed playing in our own bus in the role play area, doing maths with buses and passengers as well as designing their own bus. We also worked in teams to see which surface made our cars go faster!

Another exciting change for us is that we are having our PE lessons supported by Mr Murphy and Mr Matthews, the children enjoyed their outside PE lesson today. They learnt about moving in different directions, at different speed and spatial awareness. We are looking forward to our next lesson!



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