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             Welcome to Year 6 - Lion Class


             Teacher  -  Miss A Macleod

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs G Hudson


Key information:

PE: Wednesday and Thursday


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Lion Class This week (Autumn Term 2 Week 5)

A shorter week than usual but nevertheless productive!

In English, we have started studying a new book inspired by the festive season - Raymond Brigg's 'Father Christmas'. This week we have been focusing on using this picture book to inspire the use of speech within our writing.This has allowed us to role play what we would do if we found father Christmas in our house on Christmas Eve! A very exciting prospect to imagine! 

In maths, we have been focusing on percentages, fractions and decimal equivalents and using this understanding to find percentages of amounts. 

In science, we have continued our focus on adaptation and evolution, this week looking closely at fossilisation and thinking about what the fossil record can tell us about how animals, birds and fish that we recognise today evolved over time. 

Geography and art has allowed us to continue our journey through the Americas where we have reached our final destination- Canada! We have compared and contrasted aspects of this amazing and vast country's physical and human geography. We have also used the amazing scenery to help us practise our sketching skills.

Well done Year 6 - as always so much super learning achieved!  

Lion Class This week (Autumn Term 2 Week 4)

The weeks are flying by!  As always, the children of Lion Class have made me hugely proud. As each week goes by, every single member of the class continues to grow and flourish; it is a pleasure to be a part of.  

As is now the norm, this week Year 6 have been as busy. Here are a few of the things we have been up to:

  • We have polished up our persuasive writing skills through carefully crafting letters to Mrs Holloway trying to persuade her to let the school get a pet wolf cub (I think that, despite our awesome letters, it remains a little bit of a long shot); 
  • We have conquered finding the area of triangles and parallelograms; 
  • We have compared California with London;
  • We have started rehearsing our Christmas songs, readying  ourselves for our carol concert; and 
  • Amongst many other things, we have made 'mangers' to contribute to the Shipton Bellinger Primary School's entry to the Shipton Bellinger's Christmas Tree competition. 

Lion Class This week (Autumn Term 2 Week 3)

This week has been another jam packed week.

On Monday we thought carefully about how we can be supportive friends as we talked through the meaning behind 'Odd Sock day' and celebrated the National the anti-bullying day campaign. We all created a 'pop art' inspired portraits of ourselves and have linked them all together on a jigsaw puzzle that is now displayed in our classroom. This puzzle represents how we are all linked in our class 'team' and how we should strive to hold each other up and support each other. 


We have also learnt more about Eid-Al-Fitr as we celebrated Inter-faith Week. We learnt how this Islamic festival seeks to bring people and communities together after Ramadan and how some people use the festival to reach out to others in friendship and celebration, putting any previous disputes or disagreements to one side. To echo this idea of togetherness, we created clay hands of friendship that the children are encouraged to gift to someone as a physical symbol of reaching out and coming together.


We ended the week celebrating 'Be Bright, Be Seen' campaign, wearing our brightest outfits and thinking about what we can do to make sure we are as safe as possible now that daylight hours have shortened.


On top of all this, the amazing children in my class completed a set of practise SATs assessments! Year 6 continue to amaze me! Well done all :-)



Lion Class This week (Autumn Term 2 Week 2)

What a week it has been! This week we have cooked, celebrated international science day and took some quieter time to reflect and remember those who have made, and continue to make, sacrifices for our country and freedom: all this in addition to our 'normal' learning! 

Creating a Mexican themed cafe was a wonderful experience to share with the children. Without exception, everyone got stuck in as we mixed, grated, mashed and chopped our way to a delicious trio of dips (guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream and chive) for nachos . We all then sat down together to tuck in! I have attached the recipe below in case anyone wants to recreate our cooking escapades at home! On Friday, we utilised our cooking experience to inspire an independent write.

International science day gave us the opportunity to extend our understanding of our current science topic, evolution and adaptation, by carrying out a mini study in to Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy (the branch of science concerned with the classification of organisms). It also gave us the chance to work with our buddies as we ventured down to the forest school area to discover what organisms live on our school property and start to think about how we could classify and organise these.

On Remembrance Day we joined together with the rest of the school to reflect and remember all those that have sacrificed, and continue to do so, for our freedom - a truly moving experience for us all. 


Well done Year 6, a superb week again.


Lion Class This week (Autumn Term 2 Week 1)

In spite of the weather, we have had a wonderful start to the second half of the Autumn term! I was delighted to see my lovely Year 6s on Monday. Every single one of them has come back to school ready to learn; I could not be prouder of them. 

This week has seen us finish our study of The Lost Book of Adventure; a learning journey that culminated in our creation of non chronological reports about 'How to Survive Year 6'. On Friday, we moved on to take our first looks at the book The Ways of the Wolf by Smriti Prasada-Halls and have already discovered some fascinating facts about wolves - an often misunderstood creature.

In maths,  we have continued to deepen our understanding of fractions. We have used our fraction knowledge to solve mysteries, including which key would release Miss Macleod from her prison, and have, without exception, made great progress in our understanding of this complex mathematical area. On Thursday we took our learning outside, completing a mathematical clue hunt on the field, an experience enjoyed by all!

We started our new science topic this week, classification, introducing ourselves to the famous scientists Carl Linnaeus, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. In Art we carried our rehearsing our sketching skills whilst in DT we started our Mexican cooking project. All the children enjoyed tasting our Mexican cooking 'bases' and unanimously agreed that Nachos are the base for us. We researched some recipes and ready to cook our nacho toppings next week!

Well done Year 6! A great first week back. 

Lion Class This Week (Autumn Term Week 7)

What a wonderful week it has been! 
The highlight of this week has, without doubt, been taking part in Bikeability. As a class we have donned our bike helmets and peddled our way to biking success. We have learnt how to check our bikes are in good working order, wear our helmets properly and navigate the roads as safely as is possible.  We have overcome challenges galore and represented Shipton wonderfully. I am very proud of all the children who took part and know that they will continue to show off their safe cycling skills when they are out on their bikes in Shipton. 
Despite our exercising exploits we have still managed to cram in lots of learning! In maths, we have started to tackle fractions and looked at how we can express fractions as decimals and percentages. In history we have continued our Maya mini study by comparing the Maya to the Anglo Saxons that lived in Britain during the same time period. In English we have continued to look at The Lost Book of Adventure thinking carefully about non chronological report features ready to make our own 'How to survive Year 6' guide after half term. 


Finally, I would like to wish all my lovely Year 6s a wonderful half term. I am very proud of every single one of you. YOU ARE STARS make sure you shine bright this half term. 


Lion Class This Week (Autumn Week 6)

Well done Lion class for yet another great week!
We started the week by imagining we had undertaken one of the adventures set out in our current English book, The Lost Adventure, and wrote a letter home to tell our loved ones about the dust storm (or haboob) we had just survived. After this adventurous start, we spent the rest of the week polishing up our understanding of clause structure ready to take on some more writing challenges next week.
In maths also, we have  been on an journey of discovery as we have taken on long division. All the children have worked really hard to conquer the challenges that they have faced as we have worked through this tricky mathematical process.


In science we have investigated the impact of exercise on our heart rate resulting in a few sweaty faces on Friday afternoon! Whilst in history we have started our mini project discovering the mysterious Maya. The highlight of the week was, without doubt, Harvest Festival, which saw us all walk down to the church to be thankful for what we have. Some children were chosen to read a short bible story, Ruth and Naiomi, whilst others displayed comic strips they had produced depicting the story. 


Next week, we take on Bikeability so please don't forget to send your child in in dark coloured tracksuit bottoms, trainers and 'normal' uniform on their top half. 


Lion Class This Week (Autumn Week 5)

Busy but wonderful would be my summary of the week that Year 6 have had. 
In maths we carried on thinking about multiplication and readied ourselves for long division next week. Science saw us think more deeply about the heart and we consolidated our knowledge through creating a 'job advert' for the role of heart in our bodies! In English we have started a new learning journey and have introduced ourselves to 'The Lost Book of Adventure'. As we explore this book further, we will learn all the skills we need to take on our own adventures. 
Speaking of adventures, on Thursday we ventured down to Year R and then outside. All my wonderful Year 6s did an absolutely delightful job at nurturing the younger children's learning as we jointly created soundscapes from around our school. We then used these to inspire our creativity back in the classroom as we wrote our own poetry! Head over to the school Poetry day page to find out more. School Events section

Lion Class This Week (Autumn Week 4)

Another wonderful week in Year 6!

This week, in geography, we have ventured up through the Americas to Costa Rica and explored the wonders of its east coast – the most Bio-diverse place on Earth.

In English, we have continued reading Katherine Rundell’s ‘The Explorer’. Immersing ourselves in the story, we imagined what it would be like to be stranded in the Amazon and used our imagined experience to write diary entries from the perspective of the main characters, Fred and Con.

In maths, we have been reminding ourselves of factors, multiples and primes, readying ourselves to extend our multiplication and division knowledge next week. In science we have continued to explore the cardiovascular system and thought more deeply about how and why blood is pumped around the body. We further extended our knowledge through exploring an online interactive human circulatory system ( ) – definitely worth another look at home if you get the chance!

Well done Year 6 – another week to be proud of!


Lion Class This Week (Autumn Week 3)

Although shorter, this week has been very productive! In guided reading we have carried on our exploration of survival stories and have continued to marvel at remarkable tales of dogged determination and good fortune that we have encountered. In English we have reminded ourselves of how we can write effective compound sentences and have started to use hyphens as way to make sure the reader understands the message we are trying to convey.

This week’s maths has seen us take on some challenging rectilinear shape problems. Although this initially proved challenging, we have worked hard to conquer finding both the area and perimeter of these complex 2D shapes.

In science, we have started our study of the circulatory system and enjoyed modelling this out on the playground – all the children made fantastic hearts, lungs and blood cells!

Yet another cracking week. Well done Year 6!

Lion Class This Week (Autumn Week 2)

What a super second week we have had!

This week has seen us land in Brazil as we have carried on our journey through the Americas. We have learnt about some of the key features of this vibrant country and compared them to what we learnt last week about Argentina. In one particularly fun lesson we immersed ourselves in Brazil’s wonderful culture by creating our own carnival headdresses. In English, we found ourselves lost in the Amazon! Luckily, this gave us a chance to practice our instruction writing skills as we thought about how we would build a raft to escape and expand our knowledge of description as we described the rainforest around us!

In maths, we have been rehearsing our key addition and subtraction knowledge and have practiced applying this in a range of problem-solving scenarios. We even took our maths skills outside as we worked in teams to complete a maths problem solving loop card challenge!

Overall a wonderful week!


Lion Class This Week (Autumn Week 1)

What a pleasure it has been getting to know the amazing and inspiring children that make up Year 6 at Shipton. Without exception, they have made me feel welcome and have given me the confidence to already state emphatically that we will have a fantastic time working together this year.

This week has seen us embark on our ‘Journey through the Americas,’ our topic for the Autumn term.  We have discovered some of the wonders of Argentina and have immersed ourselves in the rainforest through our reading of The Explorer and some of the amazing stories of survival included in Long’s Survivor: Extraordinary Tales from the Wild and Beyond.

Despite the weather we were able to get active in PE and have also enjoyed reminding ourselves of our maths skills. Particularly popular was the introduction to MathsFrame – a free online games to help children rehearse their mental maths skills.

Overall, a fantastic first week back. Well done Year 6!