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             Teacher  -  Miss A Macleod

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs G Hudson


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PE: Tuesday and Friday


Learning Overviews 2022 - 2023




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Spring Term - Week 10

Another week has cantered by! 

This week saw us revisit all things shape related in our maths learning. We focused on using our problem solving skills to work our way through some very tricky perimeter, area and volume conundrums. All the children showed great perseverance when taking on these far from easy challenges!

In English, we finalised our Cogheart inspired narratives before turning our thoughts to a complex moral question! Should the 'mechs' in Cogheart be owned or, given their level of human thoughts and feelings, should they be free? We are going to use our skills of persuasion to write letters expressing on our views on the rights of mechs next week. 

In History, we stepped back in time to conduct a mini study on the Andover Workhouse and the Poor Law of 1834. Lots of us were shocked by what could constitute a criminal offence in the Victorian era and how poverty was often seen in the same light as criminality. We also applied our maths skills to our history studies as we looked at how the population of Andover changed during the Victorian period - using our statistics knowledge to interpret some tricky graphs. By studying the law in our PHSE session, we were able to make a direct comparison between how the law affected children in the Victorian era and how it affects children today.

Another wonderful week Year 6! Well done! 

Spring Term - Week 9 

A personal highlight for me this week was having the opportunity to share the wonderful achievements and awesome levels of effort with the parents of my fantastic class. Having the chance to pause and reflect on how far we have come at this point, half way through the year, was a genuine pleasure. Thank you to all the parents who made the time to pop in. If anyone was not able to make it but would like to share in some of their child's awesome achievements at school, please do get in touch with the office and we can arrange a time. 

During our normal school day, we have been knuckling down to our learning! In maths we have been thinking about all things measurement! From mega mass to tricky time, we have taken on and conquered them all!  In English, we have carried on reading Cogheart, pausing at a cliff hanger in the story to write some wonderful diary entries. The writing produced by the class was fantastic and I am really proud of the improvement they have made. 

In history, we have carried on looking at the impact of industrialisation on the local area. We studied some maps from various points during the Victorian era and compared these to modern day maps of Andover. The change in the landscape was striking to see! We also used our maths skills to sift and sort our way through some population data from the Victorian era looking at how the population has changed and thinking about why that may be.

All in all, a wonderful week. 


Spring Term - Week 8

This week has simply flown by!

In English, we have started a new book, Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. A steampunk adventure story set in an alternative Victorian England. We have thought carefully about how emotive language is used to create interest within the text and, at the end of the week, applied what we have learnt in a diary entry written from the perspective of one of the main characters. 

In maths, we have been turning our focus to multiplication and division - concentrating on how we can use known facts to help us solve trickier mathematical problems. We have also revisited some of our fraction, decimal and percentages skills whilst continuing to do our daily 95 times tables questions!

The highlight of this week for me was World Book Day. We came together to celebrate as a school to: parading to the parents; partaking in a World Book Day assembly; joining a BBC Teach live lesson; dining with the tiger who came to tea; dropping everything and reading on Miss House's bell ring; and, popping back to school for hot chocolate and a bedtime story. Personally I love reading (as my class well know!) and it was such a pleasure to see so many children delighting in the wonders of words. 

Have a wonderful weekend Year 6! YOU ALL MAKE ME VERY PROUD!


Spring Term - Week 7

What a hard-working week we have had! 
This week all the children had a go at the 2022 SATs paper as part of our preparation for this year's SATs Test. All the children focused really well, tried their best and made me proud. Our school's value of perseverance is most definitely evident in Year 6!
Despite all the hard work we, we still had time for some creativity and fun! Wednesday saw us celebrate Mental Health week where we came together as a school to focus on kindness and, specifically, one kind word. We based our discussions around Charlie Mackesey's 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' with all the children sharing some really thoughtful comments about and perspectives upon what it means to be a friend. We finished the day by illustrating and annotating the score of the Black-Eyed Peas' 'Where is the Love' with comments and illustrations that represented kindness to us. This was inspired by the illustrated score on the inside cover of the book. We concluded our afternoon by watching the wonderful BBC film version of 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' (here is the link in case anyone wants to watch again
All in all a brilliant start to the term - Well done Year 6!

Spring Term - Week 6

Head over to our Liddington 2023 page!

Spring Term - Week 5

Another wonderful week has flown by! Without doubt the highlight of this week was our celebration of National Story Telling Week with our Year R buddies. On Thursday afternoon we headed down to Year R where we met our buddies and undertook a search of the Year R area to find clues to the story that we were going to share. Once we had found all the clues, we headed in to the classroom to listen to one of my favourites stories, The Worst Princess. After sharing the story together, all the children individually read a book to their buddy and then had the absolute pleasure of hearing our buddies read their reading books to us! This was a truly wonderful experience and one that was universally enjoyed. 

In English this week we have tackled how we can use speech in a narrative and looked carefully at how this is done in our current text, The Nowhere Emporium. In maths, we have continued our programme of revision and reminded ourselves of all things fraction related! In Science we have expanded our knowledge of light and thought about how we see colour - a tricky concept to get our heads around! With this and much more, it has been another week of great learning.  

Spring Term - Week 4

This week saw us start to use the Nowhere Emporium (by Ross MacKenzie) as our text driver as we continue to let the world of magic and mystery inspire us across the curriculum. We looked carefully at how suspense is created in a narrative and tried applying some of these skills to our own writing. In maths we revisited fractions - a tricky area that we will conquer! 

Miss M took on a tricky challenge of her own in PE as we continued to look at Street Dance. We have started to rehearse our own street dance routine which we hope to be able to video and share in the future (all of the children are picking it up far quicker than their teacher!). Another highlight was talking through our forthcoming Liddington trip and finding out whose group we are in and who we will share a room with, not to mention discussing the breakfast, lunch and dinner set up in detail!

All in all, a great week. Well done Year 6! 

Spring Term - Week 3

Another super week in Lion Class.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • This week we have taken on some tricky division and multiplication problems as we have revised these vital mathematical techniques;

  • Our English work has seen us focus on how to increase the formality of our writing. To achieve this we have looked at how vocabulary can change the tone of our writing and thought about how we can use the passive voice and subjunctive form to achieve formality;

  • In science we have learnt how we see, expanding our knowledge of the amazing human eye; and
  • In art, we finalised our Fantastic Beasts - I was particularly the proud of the charcoal pictures that resulted from the children's focus and resilience here.

Well done Year 6!

Spring Term - Week 2

Cripes this week has sped by!

In English we have continued to base our studies on J K Rowling's Fantastic Beasts. We started the week with some independent writing as we sought to persuade the Ministry of Magic to join us in our quest to protect our native dragons! As the week progressed, we refined our understanding of how to vary the formality of our writing and thought about how, if we were to use the subjunctive form, we could increase the formality.

In maths we have continued to revise key concepts focusing on both informal and formal methods of addition and subtraction. Whilst in Science we expanded our understanding of how we see as we continued our study of light.

Art, this week, saw us begin to design and create our own Beasts and, in PE, we practised our cross country running skills as well as our street dance style walking skills!

As always in Year 6, a busy but fun week! Well done lovely Lion Class. 

Spring Term - Week 1

 What a fantastic start to a new year of learning! As we all recovered from the Christmas holidays and got back into the swing of learning, we launched our new topic, Mystery and Magic.

Our English learning journey will see us study J. K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts. This week we explored some of the amazing beasts set out within the pages of this book; thought about what is in a name; started to create our own beasts;  as well as getting our creative juices flowing by writing some poetry about our own beasts. We have also started to read the wonderful 'The Nowhere Emporium' and, it is fair to say that, the initial chapters have already captured to imaginations of all the children. 

In maths, we have gone back to basics and reminded ourselves of our place value skills as we launch our Year 6 SATs maths revision and reminder learning. 

In Science, we launched our new 'Light' learning by reminding ourselves of some of the key ideas that we have studied in previous years. The children really impressed me with their knowledge and absolutely smashed some tricky knowledge check questions. 

Well done Year 6 - A super start to the year! 


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