Welcome to Year 5


 Teacher  -  Miss R Connew

Learning Support Assistant -  Mrs J Shipley 



Y5 Topic Overview - Spring Term 2 - 2020

Performing ‘Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen)

Owl class performed a joint poem, thinking about their performance speaking clearly and loudly.



Canopic Jars (February 2020)

To finish our topic the class created our own canopic Jars, each member of owls created their own jar choosing, planning and making a design that reflected their taste.


Mummy making (October 2019)

During our English work, some of the class went through the processes of mummification with our teddy. This supported the writing of instructions, summarising each step of the process.


Book Tasting (October 2019)

Owl class enjoyed tasting our new book, sampling pages in the OWLS Restaurant. The class expressed their first thoughts about the book looking at pictures and short extract.


Egyptian job interviews (September 2019)

The class shared there learning about the different jobs and roles of the ancient Egyptian, to share their information they performed interviews on one another.


Junk modelling (September 2019)

Throughout our Egyptian topic we have been learning about the life of those in ancient times. We focused some researcher on the farmers in detail. The class then created models of the farmers land and the shadoof tool that would have used to move water around.




Tutankhamun Museum (September 2019)

We started this year off with a bang! As a class we visited the Dorchester museum to spark our Egyptian topic. Learning all about the discovery of Tutenkarmuns tomb, at the museum we were able to walk through the anti-chamber and see the tomb as it would have been all those years ago.