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 Stubbington Y5 Residential Trip

Here is all the information you will need about our upcoming residential trip. Check back in while we're away for photos and videos.


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Day 3 

Another jammed packed day. Although we were very excited to find out what was in our Mammal hotels we didn’t want to get out of Bed this morning!!!

However, after a very filling breakfast we collected our Mammal hotels to find that we had - not 1 or 2 but 4 guests!!

We had found 4 Long tail field mice. In our classroom session we found out how to identify which mouse we had.

After lunch we went to explore nature by: going on a mirror walk through the woods, guiding our blindfolded friend to a tree and then making a nature cocktail – luckily we didn’t have to drink it!

After tea we had a scavenger hunt where we had to find the pirate who stole the treasure.

We have had a lovely week but we are very much looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow


Day 2


After a very windy night! Not from the children, we woke to find an earthquake had hit Stubbington! We had to navigate a course around a number of obstacles while carrying: a ladder, shovel, first aid kits, blanket, a box of supplies, phone and a clip board.

After we had found our way out of the Earthquake we built shelters. We thought we had done a really good job until they were tested with jugs of water!!!

Then we went to build mammal hotels – we can’t wait to find out what’s in them tomorrow.

Day One (By Olivia B & Alfie S)

Today we enjoyed an exciting day at Stubbington. We spent the morning exploring our new home. Then after lunch we had a beautiful calm tranquil afternoon at the beach!!! Or a 6 mile adventure in the 50mph gusts of winds!!! We did enjoy discovering new things and sea life in our rock pools, searching for fossils and making pictures in the sand.

After a delicious tea, we played games and spoke with Miss House.

We can’t wait for tomorrow