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Year 5 - Owl Class

Welcome to Year 5's learning page. We are so glad you've come to look at the wonderful learning we are doing this year. We'll keep you posted with all the important information that you will need to know about our academic year together.


Key Information

Our Year 5 Class Teacher is Miss House. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Shipley.

Our School Council Members are Lily-Rose and Rufus

Remember your kits: we have Swimming lessons on a Tuesday and PE is on a Friday.



Learning Overviews 2022-2023


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Owl Class This Week (Autumn 2 Week 5)

Our Geography this week led us to compare two settlements in India: New Delhi and Kumaon. We thought about human and physical geographical features. We also watched this powerful mini film in English and discussed it. I was so impressed and moved by the children's thoughtful responses.

Have you been listening to our Alternative advent? Click here to hear a Christmas bedtime story every day in December.

A few diary dates for next week as it is going to be a very busy one!

Thursday 8th: Christmas Dinner 

Thursday 8th: Stubbington Parent's Info Meeting at 3.15

Friday 9th: Christmas fair

Owl Class This Week (Autumn 2 Week 4)

What a busy week in Year 5!

During Geography we learnt about the trade in India and explored the concepts of exports, imports and exchange rates through a trading game we played with our partners (check out the photos of us wheeling and dealing in this lesson!)

We had a fun afternoon exploring Indian festivals in RE. We made splatter art to remind us of the brightly-coloured festival of Holi and made frightening masks to remember how the festival of Losar frightens away bad spirits for the Buddhist new year.

I am looking forward to reading our Rumaysa inspired fairy tales... the Owl Class versions aren't exactly the sort you'd see in a Disney movie!

Owl Class This Week (Autumn 2 Week 3)

We were lucky enough to host Mrs Kearley, a fantastic secondary school art teacher, who brought lots of beautiful materials to make our own India-inspired weaving. They are going to look fantastic on the front of our bags. Year 5 are getting ready to write our own fairytale, based on the story of Rumaysa by Radiya Hafiza. We made our own creepy forest settings using prepositions and described characters using carefully chosen verbs, adverbs and relative clauses.

Our residential trip to Stubbington is fast approaching! Have a look at the information on our Stubbington Residential website page. We will be having a meeting on Thursday 8th December at 3.15 to talk more about the trip.

Owl Class This Week (Autumn 2 Week 2)

One of our favourite activities this week was Science Day! Have a look at the Science page of our website to see all the fun and exciting things that we got up to.  We began our Geography topic about India with a close look at the River Ganges. We considered human and physical geography and recorded our information on double page spreads so we can easily recall it when needed. We also enjoyed beginning our DT project of making India inspired bags. We dyed our fabric carefully. Next step: ironing and beginning our embroidery on the front.

Our Remembrance service was beautiful, with children showcasing the amazing clay poppies they have made.

A busy week next week! Please remember Odd Socks on Monday and our Be Bright Be Seen dress down day on Friday.


Owl Class This Week (Autumn 2 Week 1)

We began our very first English learning journey of this term with some delicious masala chai making. We enjoyed simmering the spices and topping our decaffeinated tea with some delicious whipped cream. We'll be writing some instructions for how to make it in case you'd like a winter warmer!

We also really enjoyed our Outdoor Learning Day and enjoyed some Art, Maths and Geography outdoors. Check out the Outdoor Learning page of our school website to see some more about what we got up to.

Owl Class This Week (Autumn Week 7)

Lots of finishing off this week with Art, Science and English projects coming to an end. Keep an eye out for our brilliant Youtube style information videos coming to this website soon. Our Peter Thorpe inspired artwork looks wonderful - we had to think really carefully about the lines and shapes that could represent planets and stars rather than create a realistic painting. Check out our gallery below.

We have finished our final aspects of Space learning this week, with a focus on constellations. This amazing website gives lots of stories about the constellations from around the world. We worked hard to make links between different space concepts in our Science books. 

Next term our topic is a Geography focus, all about India. Our whole class text is The Time Traveller and the Tiger by Tania Unsworth. We have enough copies for everyone to have one between two but if you would like to bring in your own copy, you can. Just don't read it before we start term! 

Have a fantastic half term everyone! 

Owl Class This Week (Autumn Week 6)

So much has happened this week! From our fantastic pumpkin artwork being showcased at the Harvest Festival to our team building games in PE, it has been a jam-packed week. We have finished our Youtube style information scripts and next week we will be filming our amazing videos. I also loved seeing the videos that were sent in from home so thank you for those!

During our RE this term we have been learning about the religion of Islam and we have been exploring lots of different aspects of this religion. We have spent a few weeks investigating the Five Pillars and this week we learnt about Ramadan. We made Qrass Bil-Tamr as a delicious treat to finish off this term's RE.

Owl Class This Week (Autumn Week 5)

We thoroughly enjoyed Poetry Day on Thursday. Have a look at our new School Events section to see some videos and pictures of our amazing artwork.

As well as researching space for our new learning journey - a Youtube style information video, we had our first try at some artwork inspired by Peter Thorpe. It was wonderful to see Year 5 using the colour techniques that we had been practicing in our art lessons.

We also made some important changes to the way that spelling works across the school. We introduced our 'Have a Go' books with our 5 personalised spellings. Check out our new Spellings Home Learning page to find out more information about how to improve your spellings at home.


Owl Class This Week (Autumn Week 4)

What a fun week in Year 5!

We wrote some absolutely amazing persuasive letters and began our new learning journey - the scripts for our own Owl Class Youtube style videos to teach our viewers all about space.

We have learnt so much in our Science lessons but we especially enjoyed investigating craters and asteroids, using flour as the surface as the moon. We managed to change the size, depth and shape of the craters we made by varying the angle and strength of our flying asteroids!

We finished off Week 4 by making reading dens in Free Reading Friday - Mrs Holloway even came to join in!

Owl Class This Week (Autumn Week 3)

It has been an extremely busy week in Year 5!

We worked on efficient calculation strategies in Maths and have applied our calculation skills to some missing number inverse operation challenges.

We have been doing the final little bits of grammar to get us ready to write our letters on Monday. Ask someone in Year 5 all about exaggeration adverbs and rhetorical questions!

One of our favourite parts of Year 5 so far has been going swimming at the Leisure Centre. We look forward to it all week and have loved getting in the water and learning a new skill.


Owl Class This Week (Autumn Week 2)

On Monday we received a letter telling us all about NASA's plan to send the first people to Mars in 2035. We immediately knew that we would be the perfect astronauts-in-training!

First we researched about life as an astronaut using the computer and made notes. We then had to take part in an astronaut training activity to show off our agility, strength, balance and bravery! Finally, we received some real life scenarios that have happened to astronauts in space and acted out our responses.

In the next couple of weeks, we will write our application letter back to NASA. This week, modal verbs and conjunctions such as consequently, therefore and due to helped us practice our writing in order to sound really persuasive.


Miss House is looking forward to watching someone from Owl Class take the first footsteps on Mars in 2035!



Owl Class This Week (Autumn Week 1)

Our very first learning journey in Year 5 was the book Planet in a Pickle Jar. We read about how Granny stored a variety of wonderful things inside her pantry and this inspired us to create our own planets in a pickle jar. After writing some beautiful descriptions (including prepositions and expanded noun phrases of course!) we designed what we would put in our jars. Once our jars were covered with all sorts of wonderful, imaginative things, we then made swirling glitter galaxies inside.

We can't wait to see what happens next during our learning journey about Space.