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Year 5 - Owl Class

Welcome to Owl Class page. This is Year 5 and we love to learn! In our class it is really important that we stay focussed, learn as much as we can and have fun. :) During this year, (and the past two) we have done so many topics and even went on an educational residential trip for three days. We are a friendly class and we help others as much as we can.

Everyone in our class is unique and welcome to share ideas. Our class is a safe space for anyone, no matter who you are. This makes our class the best of all!

Thank you for visiting our page - have a look at all the wonderful learning that we have done this year.

Written by Alfie, Oscar and Scott, Owl Class 2021-2022



Learning Overviews 2021-2022


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This Year in Year 5...

Winchester Science Museum

We visited the Science Museum together! It was really fun and my favourite part was the planetarium. I learnt that there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on every beach in the world! I really liked where there were loads of activities to do, for example the wind machine. There was a sign language machine and you could learn something in sign language.                                                                    Written by Isla W and Molly-Rose 


Indian Textiles

During our art project all about Indian textiles, we created our own textiles through a combination of weaving and sewing. Here are some pictures of us dyeing our raw material! We had lots of fun.                  Written by Grace 

Stubbington Residential

I liked the activities, such as Earthquake and pond dipping. It was really fun to enjoy the fresh air (and not be stuck inside every day!) If I was looking for a residential, Stubbington would be my best pick.      Written by Alfie

Archery Fun

I liked the Archery we did in school so much that 7 weeks later I joined an archery club called Tenzone Bowman. Now I have completed a 40 yard arrow shot and I was really proud of myself. I even scored 4 on the board!                                                                                                                                                                  Written by Jack