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Welcome to Year 2 - Robin Class

Welcome to Year 2, where we love to have fun in our learning.

 Teacher  -  Mrs G Cox

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs J Sutthery

Our school councilors are Shanice and Jessica (as voted for by the children in Robin Class)


Learning Overviews 2022-2023



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Key Information

PE - we are very lucky to have two opportunities to have PE on a  Thursday and Friday.

Reading books - these will be changed on a Monday and Thursday, if the children are ready to change them. We feel that it is very important for the children to completely immerse themselves in their reading books to ensure that they fully understand everything they have read and are able to answer questions based on their reading.

Homework - comes home on a Wednesday and due back the following Monday

School Councillors - Shanice and Jessica

Robin Class News

Summer 2 week 5 (15.5.23)

I would like to start by saying a huge well done to all the children in year 2. It has been SATs week and you have all worked extremely hard; I am so proud of all of you, well done. After each challenge book the children were rewarded with treats of biscuits and cakes, ending on Friday afternoon with a extra long playtime and ice creams - yummy.

The children certainly deserve their weekend and unbelievably only one week to go until half term. WELL DONE YEAR 2

Summer 2 week 4 (8.5.23)

We started this week with an exciting woodland walk. Luckily, the weather stayed dry for us while we were out and about, which meant we all had a great time looking at the diverse trees and seeing what wildlife we could spot. It was very wet underfoot with some exciting welly boot rescue missions. We all had a great time and are looking forward to using our visit to help us with our next learning journey. The book we will be focusing on is called 'House held up by trees'. 

In science, we are continuing to learn all about materials and their uses. We discovered what some materials are made from, with some of us not really believing that glass is made from very fine sand. In RE, we have been thinking about God and what this means to us; we have thought about what qualities God would have to make Him suitable for the position. We established that He would have to be a great listener (in all the languages spoken aound the world), He would need to be patient and kind and have real compassion for all of the world.

Another wonderful week has flown by, well done to Year 2.

Summer 1 week 3 (3.5.23)

Everything this week has been centered around the coronation weekend and what a lot of fun we have had. We have learnt all about Westminster Abbey; where it is, how old the abbey is and what happens in the abbey. We have learnt about the coronation ceremony and what will happen to the King throughout the ceremony. In maths we had great fun learning about repeating patterns, but using cup cakes and then eating them afterwards. We followed instructions to make a strawberry triffle and then to everyone's delight got to eat that afterwards. 

The highlight of the week though, was the coronation street party on the playground. It was touch and go as to whether it was going to happen due to such heavy rain showers, but Lady Luch shone down on us and brought out the sunshine. Sharing cakes, laughter and songs with our families made for just a wonderful afternoon.

Summer 1 week 2 (24.4.23)

And so ends another busy week; sometimes it feels that no sooner has a week started than it's ending.

We continue using the book 'If all the world were...' in English, with the children getting very excited about their developing poems. In maths we continue to practice our arithmetic skills, of which we are becoming experts. In our PSHE lesson we have been focusing our learning on recognising our own feelings and those of others. We had some lovely conversations about how to help people that we can see are feeling low and how to create positive feelings in the classroom. Our science topic continues with materials and everyday uses. In art, we have been focusing on an artist called Brianna McCarthy. Her art work focuses on faces and what a face can tell us; the children are creating some amazing collages all centered around faces and colours - beautiful.

Summer 1 week 1 (17.4.23)

A fantastic start to the summer term. 

In English we have begun a new learning journey based on a gorgeous book called, 'If all the world were...'. From this book the children will create some wonderful poetry. 

In geography, we are learning all about the continents and the oceans which will lead us on to learn all about the UK; it's capital cities, human and physical features and images from satellites.

In science, we are learning all about materials and their uses. We began by thinking about what materials there are and what different materials can be used for.

In PE, we are practising our throwing skills and running techniques with a view to being fully prepared for sports day.

Spring 2 Week 2 27.2.23

Another incredible week has flown by! 

In science we are learning all about habitats and food chains. We have started to think about large habitats and what animals might be found there and we went on a search around school for micro habitats to discover what animals we might find there, we discovered worms, slugs and wood lice. We are also discussing the impact of human acyivity on different habitats. This links very closely to our English learning journey which is based on the Book 'The Journey Home'. Within this story we will discover the impact we have on animals and their habitats and hopefully come up with some ideas to help many animals.

In our RE lessons, we are learning all about changing emotions and the Easter Story. In our history lessons, we are learning all about Florence Nightingale and why we still remember her. We will earn all about how she overcame difficulties and revolutionised nursing.

Thursday this week was World Book Day and we had so much fun. We loved seeing all the different costumes that everyone wore, sharing our favourite stories, making our own books and making our potato characters - what a great day!

Spring 1 week 6

Where did that half term go? The children have worked so hard. They completed their pirate fact files and were so excited to show Mums and Dads. I have to say how proud I am of all the children for working so incredibly hard in all areas of their learning. 

In science we have been learning about why it is important to have good hygiene; to see just how far germs spread, we did the glitter handshake, we were all very shocked to see how far the glitter spread. We came to understand that the glitter represented germs and how if we don't wash our hands regularly that we can spread germs very quickly.

This week has been Children's Mental Health Week, the theme was 'Let's connect'. We spent the week discussing and carrying out activities that encouraged us to think about who we are connected to. Our PE session on Thursday was great fun when we all connected together by singing and dancing.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and restful half term.

Spring 1 week 5

The week started in a very strange way, there was pirate treasure all over the floor in a trail leading into Mrs Holloway's office. Attached to the treasure was a letter, inviting the children to write brilliant pirate fact files in return for some pirate treasure. The children's families are invited into school next Friday to come and see their super writing. The children were maths masters last week and remain maths masters; they all know how to divide and multiply numbers. In science this week, we have been learning all about how our bodies need exercise and the effect of exercise on our heart rate. We all found our resting pulse and then went for a minute run in the playground to see if there was much difference. The children were all shocked at how much faster their heart's were beating. In RE we learnt all about a Jewish hand washing ritual; Jewish people use a special cup to pour clean water over their hand's, this is to give thanks for the food they are going to eat. A super week Robins, well done.

Spring 1week 4

We are masters of fractions; we can find fractions of shapes, amounts and numbers. Well done Robins, you are all very clever. We have also finished writing our pirate stories which are absolutely incredible. The children worked very hard on them and should feel very immensely proud of themselves. In science we wanted to find out if the oldest person had the biggest foot; we conducted an investigation. We asked each other, the teachers and classroom assistants their age and shoe size. It turns out that the oldest person in school does have the largest shoe size. Another fantastic week of great learning, great job Robins.

Spring 1 week 3

This week we have learnt so much. To start, in science we have learnt all about the different types of animal classification and what makes an animal fall into that classification. In PE, we have learnt how to control a ball and to use the best type of throw to score points; a low, short throw or a long, high throw ( we are becoming very tactical in the shots we use). In maths, we have begun learning all about frations; we started our learning journey by exploring a carousel of different fraction activities - great fun.

Spring 1 week 2

Another jam packed week has sailed by. In English, we continue to use the book 'The Night Pirates' as our inspiration. We are going to be writing our pirate adventure story using this book as our template - we are very excited. In mathe we have been learning to read and record the time on an analogue clock: we can read o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. In geography we have been looking at maps; we looked at a range of atlases and discovered that a map can show us so much more than where something is. Some of the maps we discovered showed us the amount of rainfall a country usually receives and the temperature that counrty would usually see. We finished the week enjoying free read Friday; we grabbed a book and enjoyed flopping on the bean bags to chill and read - a lovely way to end the week. 

Spring 1 week 1

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.

Our first week back has been jam packed with great learning. In English we are reading a book called 'The Night Pirates', which we absolutely love; we have come to school dressed as pirates where we used drama to act out the story. We will be writing our own story based on The Night Pirates. In science we are learning all about animals including humans. We will learn all about what a human body needs to stay healthy, we will learn all about food chains and different types of animals. To start our learning journey, we were learning how all animals have offspring and that humans have babies. Many of us wanted to know how to look after babies and what a baby needs in order to grow and be healthy. We were very lucky to have two of our parents (who are very experienced in the world of babies) come into the class to answer a great range of questions. Thank you very much to you both, you really helped the children to understand the needs of babies at different stages of development. A wonderful first week back, it was great to see all the children again after our Christmas break.


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