It's your final term of Year 1!  

Hello everyone - it's your final full week as a Year 1 pupil! I cannot believe how fast this term has gone and I look forward to hopefully seeing most of you on the transition week soon.

For your last full week of school work I have only put English and Maths up to Thursday - on Friday I would like you to have a day off to thank you for all your hard work this year, both at school and at home - it has been a real pleasure to be your teacher :) 

Have a good week everyone!

Miss Whyte x

I have also attached a spelling sheet that covers all the sounds learnt within words, that a child should be able to read and write by the end of Year 1 (if we haven't had an interrupted year like this one!) If you would like to see how your child is getting on and their next steps for reading and spelling, please complete this assessment sheet. I recommend doing it in small chunks to keep their focus! When you have completed - please could you let me know their results? I can also give you feedback if I have noticed any similar patterns or rules they haven't mastered yet and how you could help them learn it. Please DO NOT panic if they have a lower score than you hoped, these have been extremely unsettled times and I am very confident that once things return to normal, we will be working extremely hard to catch everyone up.

The spelling sheets can be found here:                   Common Exception Words             Y1 spelling rules assessment



Our typical morning at school looks like this:

9:00-9:30: Phonics - please have a go at completing some of the tasks in the booklet here. Phonics play also currently have a free subscription offer.

9:30-10:20: English - please see the links below that you can use for each day of the week. You could also use part of this time to complete some reading and handwriting practise too!

11:00-11:45: Maths - please see the links below that you can use for each day of the week. 

For the afternoon sessions, we cover a range of different subjects and so I have included some ideas of things you could also do in this time.

You all have purple mash logins which will be sent home, so you can access the wide range of resources on there that cover a range of subjects, either by the 2Dos I set you or from your own study.


 English Activities                       Maths Activities

Monday 13th July                                              Monday 13th July

Tuesday 14th July                                             Tuesday 14th July

Wednesday 15th July                                        Wednesday 15th July

Thursday 16th July                                            Thursday 16th July

Links to Maths Powerpoints - Week 12

Monday 6th July                                               Monday 6th July

Tuesday 7th July                                               Tuesday 7th July

Wednesday 8th July                                         Wednesday 8th July

Thursday 9th July                                             Thursday 9th July

Friday 10th July                                                Friday 10th July

            Text: Billy Dogs Gruff                       Links for Maths Powerpoints - Week 11

Afternoon ideas

 Year 1 play ideas                   Virtual trips to exciting places!                  Cosmic Kids Yoga

Pirate themed science experiments!               Lesson 1 - All About Pirates                     Pirate Description Writing

Pirate themed art ideas                         Lesson 2 - Famous Pirates                                Pirate Wanted Poster

Lesson 3 - Pirate Ships                              Label a pirate ship                            Design your own ship flag

Split Pin art activity                  Pirate themed mindfulness colouring                       Phonics Mosaics

Lesson 4 - Pirate Songs                               Pirate Crew Song                                   Pirate Ship Counting Song

Lesson 5 - Talk like a Pirate                                  If I were a Pirate                               Make a cardboard tube Pirate

Lesson 6 - Shipwrecked!                             Shipwrecked! Resources                                   Shipwrecked! Lesson Plan

      Lesson 7 - Finding Treasure                         Finding Treasure - Resources                  Finding Treasure - Lesson Plan    

 Reading: A pirates life for me                  Reading: Female Pirates                     Reading: How to make a Pirate Stew   

Bringing stories to life!

Click the link for voice controlled stories. Yap Books