Shipton Bellinger Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Liddington 2023!


Thursday 9th February


Another fun action-packed day!
Once again it started with a hearty breakfast - full English, cereal, toast, porridge, yoghurt and fruit. We then headed out to our first activity of the day: Problem solving, Zip wire and orienteering. We were then straight on to the second round of activities before taking a well-deserved lunch break. Believe it or not, we were all ready to tuck in to a fish finger bap or cheese and ham panini (all this activity empties tummies quickly). 
After lunch, 2 groups took on the infamous Jacob's ladder (what wonderful team work was displayed!) and archery while the third group completed a challenging survivor task before also taking on Jacob's ladder. All the children did wonderfully well, again taking on and conquering challenges that they initially felt they couldn't overcome. 
Dinner was pasta and meatballs or fried chicken although it is fair to say that most children paid little attention to what they were having for their main when they realized it was waffles and chocolate sauce for pudding! They were a hit!
It was then back to our rooms to get ready for the disco where final scraps of energy were used up dancing the night away!

Wednesday 8th February


To everyone's delight cooked breakfast is a daily occurrence! This was a relief as today our breakfast slot was rather early - 7:15 which meant a 7:05 meet! After another taste tastic time in the dining hall, we all set off to start the day's activities. The morning saw children take on a tricky challenge course (which would not have been out of place in an army assault course!), swings on the giant swing and build buggies. 
Lunch was pasta with either bolognaise or a tomato and basil sauce served with Miss M's favourite, garlic bread. We played a couple of games in the common room before heading back out to take on the vertical challenge and find our way through some orienteering!
Having made it all back safely, we caught up with Mrs Holloway and it was then time for biscuits and a ten minute relax. Dinner was again delicious. With full tummies, we headed out for our campfire excursion. We sat round the fire, enjoyed stories and games before tucking in to a few sweet treats. 
After that it was showers and bed - enjoying the wonderful countryside air has meant we are all ready for bed by lights out. 
It has been such a pleasure to witness all the children overcome challenges and push themselves out of their comfort zones. Everyone has achieved something they at first thought they would struggle with. I am very proud of their collaboration and resilience.   

Tuesday 7th February


The first full day has been fantastic. We started the day with a hearty breakfast of sausages, hash browns, beans and mushrooms; as much cereal as you could eat; porridge with toppings; toast and jam; and, for those that still had room, yoghurt and fresh fruit. After fueling well, we head out for our first activity . It was a frosty introduction to Aeroball, the crate challenge and problem solving (depending on your group). All the children really embraced the challenges in front of them, despite the chill, and came back to the meeting point with big grins on their faces. 
Shortly after returning from activity 1, it was on to activity 2! It is fair to say that by lunchtime we were all in need of a sit-down and, despite the luxurious breakfast, all found room for a hot dog. The afternoon saw 2 more activities each: these included Aeroball, trapeze, survivor and a flight on the giant swing!
Supper was a choice of tuna pasta bake, peri peri chicken or plant based breaded chicken. Before we headed down, we squeezed in a chapter of The Nowhere Emporium and played a couple of team building games. After dinner we headed out for our quiz night - the family fortune round was a particular favourite. The end of the quiz saw us finally head back to our rooms for shower and bed. All very tired but excited about the adventures that tomorrow will bring. 
Monday 6th February
What a fantastic first evening. 
We all tucked in to a delicious dinner of Bangers and Mash, Breaded Chicken and BBQ sauce or Vegan Bolognaise accompanied by an amazing, 'Harvester style' salad cart! Pudding was an amazing choice of doughnut, cookies, or fruit. 
After dinner we all headed back to get ready for our ambush and managed to squeeze in a chapter of our class book before we headed out. The ambush itself was great fun; we snuck through the woods trying to find the opposing team who had left clues and decoys for us to follow. The score ended in a draw which Miss M was very pleased with!  Great fun was had by all!
After that, we headed back to our rooms to get ready for bed and some rest ready for the adventures of tomorrow!