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Welcome to Year 4 - Fox Class


 Teacher  -  Mrs K Walker / Mrs E Webber

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs Gregory / Mrs Griffiths / Mrs Veringa


Learning Overviews 2022 - 2023




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Key information 

PE - Tuesday / Friday 

Mrs Walker (Monday - Wednesday am)

Mrs Webber (Wednesday PM - Friday)

Autumn Week 12

We have been enjoying exploring more of our text, 'Leon and the place between'. We used ideas from the book to practise using punctuation such as ellipsis, exclamation and question marks. We also played around with vocabulary to create our own similes and personification sentences. 

This week in maths, we have been identifying quadrilaterals and looking at their properties. We used a venn diagram to classify these special 4 sided shapes. 

Year 4 have been busy making chocolates, gift tags and packaging to sell at our Christmas Fair next week. We also finished off our decorations for the school tree, which has been entered into the Church Christmas Tree Festival. Why not pop over to the church this weekend and vote for your favourite. 

After looking and evaluating current chocolate packaging as part of our DT learning, we explored different nets and had a go at cutting, folding and assembling the nets. A lovely week Year 4, well done!

A few reminders for next week:

Thursday 8th: Christmas Dinner/jumper Day

Friday 9th - Christmas Fair

Autumn Week 11

This week kicked off our new English journey 'Leon and the place between'. It was very exciting to watch a video of a 'real life' Magician performing some magic for us, which many of us found amazing. We have then looked at the main character and written character descriptions using information from the text. 

In maths, we have worked really hard on fractions and decimals. In particular, dividing by 10 and 100 and ordering decimals and applying this to reasoning questions. 

Also, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Sullivan who worked with us in RE thinking about Christians and why they believe Mary is Holy. We examined hymns and parts of the Bible to look for evidence. 

A great week,  Fox class. We are very proud of all the learning you've done this week!


Autumn Week 10

This week has been a busy one which included; Anti bullying week. Interfaith Week, Be bright, be seen finally children in need. The children thought about the importance of 'reaching out' which is the key message in this year's Anti-bullying campaign. 

Out focus for 'Interfaith week' was the Buddhist celebration, Wesak. We discovered why this day is important to Buddhists and how it is celebrated. We made lanterns and origami lotus flowers (which was quite tricky). We used ideas across other festivals and celebrations and looked at similarities.  

In Geography, we have been looking at Fairtrade and the impact it has on different people. It was quite shocking to find out how much money from a chocolate bar actually goes to the farmers growing the cocoa beans. 

Our science experiments continue as we explore changes of state and in particular reversible changes and linking this to everyday life. We have made sure we are conducting fair tests and only changing 1 variable. 

Looking forward to next week, working on our Christmas decorations and chocolate packaging. If you have any cardboard (e.g. cereal boxes) please bring them in. 

Autumn Week 9

World Science Day was definitely one of our highlights this week. Check out our experiments on the  Science page of our website. 

We have had fun in English learning about the characters in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and pretending to be a newspaper reporter interviewing Charlie Bucket after he found the last golden ticket. We used this to practise writing direct speech. 

Continuing with the Chocolate theme, we conducted very important market research, tasting different chocolates!  The favourite being 'chocolate fingers' and the least was the mint 'Aero.'  We looked at how chocolate is made from bean to the chocolate bar and the journey it takes to get to us in the UK.

We ended the week with our Remembrance service, with children showcasing the amazing clay poppies they have made.

A busy week next week! Please remember Odd Socks on Monday and our Be Bright Be Seen dress down day on Friday.


Autumn Week 8

This week we have started work on our Chocolate topic. We began by researching the history of chocolate. We found out cacao beans was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus!

Our new PE Topic is tag rugby and we have been learning how to pass the rugby ball backwards and to the side.  We had fun putting this into practise in team games. An email has been sent out to parents asking for consent for chocolate tasting and making chocolate which we will be doing later in the term. 

We had a great day doing our Maths and Science learning outside. Check out the Outdoor Learning page of our school website to see some more about what we got up to.


Autumn Week 7 

We've had a brilliant week, finishing off our robots and of course coming to the end of our class reading book, 'Harley Hitch'. It was a great ending and was lovely to see the children enjoying the story. Year 4 have also been busy making poppies from clay for our school project in preparation for Remembrance day. In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 and applying this to conversion of measures. The children have worked hard practising this skills. 

The first half term... complete. Well done to all of Year 4 who have worked super hard, I hope you have a brilliant half term. Next term, our topic is based around Chocolate!

Autumn Week 6

It has been an incredibly busy week in our learning. A huge well done to all the children who took part on our Harvest Service at the Church. In preparation for this, the children worked hard writing their poems and making corn dollies. 

We took our math's learning outside and investigated the perimeters of different shapes. We also measured and created our own shapes and calculated the perimeter. In science we have been continuing our electricity topic and explored switches in a circuit and how they worked. Despite the weather on Friday, the children worked incredibly hard in P.E competing in team game challenges. 

Autumn Week 5

We have had such an exciting week with our Mad Hatter Lunch to celebrating National Poetry Day. Please look at our Poetry page to find out what we got up to. 

This week, we were looking at Arthur and the Golden rope and have started our new English journey based on the story and other legends.  We have also been working hard solving problems using money in our maths learning. During RE, we have been looking at how the theme 'temptation' is portrayed in the Bible. 

We also made some important changes to the way that spelling works across the school. We introduced our 'Have a Go' books with our 5 personalised spellings. Check out our new Spellings Home Learning page to find out more information about how to improve your spellings at home. text...

Autumn Week 4 


Another electric week in year 4! We are still learning how to make effective circuits and investigating materials that conduct electricity. 

We have been hard at work producing our own newspaper stories - look out for them next week. We move on to a new English Learning Journey based on the book Arthur and the Golden Rope. 

In Maths we have been solving word problem using addition and subtraction skills. Next week we are starting a new topic of money. Over the weekend you could refresh your knowledge by looking at the coins. 

Great learning this week - Keep it up!

Autumn Week 3 (w/b/19.9.22)

Wow, another busy week has flown by! Fox class have continued to work on learning the timetables as well as developing our mental addition and subtraction strategies. Our English journey has been exploring newspaper articles and we will continue this next week. 

Geography has been great fun and we've enjoyed looking at the atlas and finding physical features of the UK which included finding the heights of UK mountains. 

This week, some of us started to make and build our wooden robots from our plans. Everyone will get a chance to use the tools to construct their own robot over the next week. 

We have also been working collaboratively to find out what is needed to make electrical circuits. We were very excited to light up a bulb and some of us got the motors and buzzers working.  

Well done Fox class for another fantastic week!

Autumn Week 2

This week we have been writing 'WANTED' posters for The Iron Man. We have worked hard to include all the features and use interesting vocabulary. 

In maths, we are continuing with Place Value and working hard to learn the times tables. 

Fox class have enjoyed looking at maps with a focus on countries that are close to the equator and finding out about the weather they have as well as recapping the 7 continents. Very exciting in DT, our designs for our robots are complete and next week we will begin making them. 

Congratulations to our school council representatives, Chloe and Talulah. I'm sure they will do a fabulous job!

Autumn Week 1 

What an enjoyable first week! It was so lovely to be back in the classroom, which had a really enjoyable learning buzz to the room. We have got stuck right into our learning with our English focusing on the text of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes, hopefully the children told you about our visit from the Iron Man on Wednesday. Our Maths learning has been centered around place value. Next week will will continue with both of these topics.

We will be selecting our class council reps on Tuesday so look out for our winners on next weeks update.