General Information


Sunrise and Sunset Wrap Around Care (click here for more information)


‘Sunrise’ Before School Club 

Our Sunrise Club runs from 7:30am - 8:50am (Session 1) every school day at a cost of £4.50. Breakfast, comprising of a variety of cereals, toast and juice, will be served until 8:10am. Please note, however, that breakfast will not be available to children arriving after 8.10 a.m. Once breakfast is over, the children will be occupied with a selection of quiet activities (e.g. board games, circle time, reading, arts and crafts) until it is time to start the school day. 

‘Sunset’ After School Club 

Our Sunset Club runs from 3:05pm - 6pm, during which snacks and hot food will be provided. The club will be run over three sessions: 

Session 2 - 15:05 – 16:00 (£4) 

Session 3 - 16:00 – 17:00 (£4) 

Session 4 – 17:00 – 18:00 (£5) 

Session 5 – 15.05 – 18:00 (Reduced price of £11) 


Snacks are provided when children arrive either at session 2 or 3.  During session 4 and 5, a hot meal will be served.   Snacks comprise of a biscuit or cake, fruit and a drink.  Please see the separate sample menu attached for hot food. A dessert will be included as part of the meal.

Both Sunrise and Sunset clubs have a rotation of activities, for example:

* Be Creative  – using art materials or cooking 

* Team building – sports equipment in the hall or field 

* Homework and library club 

* Program designs - laptops 

* Playground adventure – board games, sports equipment, adventure playground

* Night at the Movies - Cinema and popcorn 

* Circle time – group games/ discussion around a theme (PSHE)  

The clubs are based in the Centenary Room which provides its own entrance, toilet, kitchen, seating, tables and access to the other facilities/equipment.