General Information


Sunrise and Sunset Wrap Around Care (click here for more information)


Thank you for taking an interest in the Sunrise and Sunset school club. In your pack you will find a personal access code and instructions on how to book the sessions online. Once you have logged on and added credit you will then be able to select the sessions you want.

Sessions and prices

  • Session A – Sunrise Breakfast club (7:30am until classrooms open): £5.00
  • Session B – Sunset Club: Up to 4.00pm: £4.00
  • Session C – Sibling Sunset Club: Up to 4.00pm: £3.00
  • Session D – Sunset Club: Up to 4.30pm: £6.00
  • Session E – Sibling Sunset Club: Up to 4.30pm: £5.00
  • Session F – Sunset Club: Up to 5.00pm: £8.00
  • Session G – Sibling Sunset Club: Up to 5.00pm: £7.00
  • Session H – Sunset Club: Up to 5.300pm: £10.00
  • Session I – Sibling Sunset Club: Up to 5.30pm: £9.00
  • Session J – Sunset Club: 4:00pm – 4:30pm: £3.00
  • Session K – Sibling Sunset Club: 4:00pm – 4:30pm: £2.00
  • Session L – Sunset Club: 4:00pm – 5:00pm: £4.00
  • Session M – Sibling Sunset Club: 4:00pm – 5:00pm: £3.00
  • Session N - Sunset Club: 4:00pm – 5:30pm: £6.00
  • Session O – Sibling Sunset Club: 4:00pm – 5:30pm: £5.00

You will be able to pay up front for as many sessions as you like. This will also apply to ChildCare Vouchers. Those parents who use the club regularly in the first half term, will have an opportunity to select their sessions in advanced throughout the year. Please make sure that you always book well in advance, as places fill up quickly.

When you first arrive, please use the front entrance of the Centenary Room. If the door is shut, then use the buzzer to the right-hand side and a member of staff will be with you shortly. On your first arrival, a member of staff will give you an information pack on meals and activities and any other relevant information you may find useful. Any dietary needs and medication will be taken from the school office in advance. If you need to contact the Sunrise and Sunset club, please ring the main school office and select option 2, which will direct you to a member of staff at the club.


‘Sunrise’ Before School Club

Breakfast, comprising of a variety of cereals, toast and juice, will be served until 8:10am. Please note, however, that breakfast will not be available to children arriving after 8.10am. Once breakfast is over, the children will be occupied with a selection of quiet activities (e.g. board games, reading, arts and crafts) until it is time to start the school day. They will go outside if the weather is fine from 8.30am and will go inside when their classroom opens.


‘Sunset’ After School Club

A large snack will be provided for children at 4.00pm.  

Both Sunrise and Sunset clubs will have a rotation of activities, for example:

  • Be Creative – using art materials
  • When weather is fine, we will use sports equipment on the field in their class bubbles
  • Homework club on a Wednesday
  • Laptop use for educational activities
  • Playground adventure – board games, sports equipment, adventure playground in their class bubbles
  • Movies
  • Circle time – group games in their class bubbles / discussion around a theme (PSHE)


The clubs are based in the School Hall, so we have our own entrance (Centenary Room door), toilets (Key stage 1 will use the toilets by Butterfly/Hedgehog class and Key sage 2 will use the centenary room toilet)  ALL TOILETS WILL BE CLEANED REGULARLY 


Each year group bubble will have their own mat and table for the planned activities. We hope to be outside a lot of the time - each year group will have an afternoon when they can play on the adventure playground and there will also be lots of activities on the playground for other bubbles.