Shipton Bellinger Primary School


At Shipton Bellinger, the teaching of Geography is engaging and exciting. Staff are able, through strong subject knowledge, to plan a sequence of lessons that allows pupils to make progress in both their retention of geographical knowledge and their skills as geographers. Staff’s understanding of their pupil’s prior knowledge and ongoing assessment ensures rapid progress. The Geography curriculum design is structured around the teaching of geographical concepts. This ensures that subject knowledge is broken into small, meaningful chunks before being learnt, revisited and applied in a range of contexts across key stages. Geographical concepts are revisited by pupils and staff, ensuring powerful learning links are made.


Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement
Progression of Knowledge and Skills

 Whole School Curriculum Overview

Our Learning 2022-2023


Year 1 enjoyed exploring Shipton Bellinger as part of their local study. We found different human features, such as the church and natural features like the grass and trees. We had such a fun walk!