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Hello Year 3!!

Hope you are well and keeping busy.  I have added this week's set of English and maths activities for you to do below. In addition, you all now have an account on IXL, which is an excellent online app - please try it out. If you have a spare moment, email me and let me know how you're getting on. I've already received some work which I'll put on the school website so thank you! Keep sending them in. 

Speak to you all soon!


Children from Bumblebee class being creative and working hard. Well done!

Isla W



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W/C 30th March 

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W/C 30th March

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Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium




Bringing stories to life!

Click the link for voice controlled stories. Yap Books


IXL Home Learning Programme 

IXL is a comprehensive learning programme offering unlimited maths and English practice across thousands of skills—all of which are aligned to the National Curriculum.


Click the link for extra Home Learning Support. IXL Home Learning Programme. 

Resources to support SEN children:


Primary Games Arena 

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Bumblebee Mission 

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Bumblebee has a mission if you choose to accept it. Can you build a structure out of playing cards; a house and a roof? Balancing cards on one another is not easy and it becomes more difficult as you build up the cards and they get higher. Plus, changing the shape when you get to the roof will make the structure even more wobbly. Easy in principle but not so much in practice! Good Luck!


Send any pictures of your constructions via the email:  adminoffice@shiptonbellinger.hants.sch.uk  and we will share them on the school website.