Welcome to Year 2 (Yellow Class)


Teacher  -  Mrs J Craggs

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs J Griffiths & Miss T Williams

Shipton Bellinger Creative Curriculum Long Term Plan: Year 2 2017-18

Longitudinal science study: each class to decide on their own scientific question based in outside area and use this to collect data to present to parents/school in summer term.

PSHE – see LTP, RE see LTP (Living Difference)

Science use – LTP (to flesh out what is indicated below)

Year 2

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Fire! Fire!


Once upon a time


The Lady with the lamp


Green Fingers


Literacy: LJ – A Walk in London, Pudding Lane

Science: materials

History: Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London

DT: houses to burn

RE: Concept Celebration

Literacy: LJ

Geography: Non European/uk comparison

Science:  Variation and animals

Art: African art

RE: Concept Special Journeys

Literacy: LJ

Geography: Map work/fieldwork

DT: Chair designs

RE: Concept Remembering

Science: variation and animals

Literacy: LJ

History: Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

Science: Variation and evolution

Art: Clay pottery – lamps

RE: Concept Welcoming

Literacy: LJ

Science: materials

DT: Structures ships

History: Titanic and local history link

RE: Concept Specialness

Literacy: LJ

DT: Healthy eating and cooking

Science: plants

Geography: Where does food come from?

RE: Concept God

Suggested super Starter (hook)

Magic Grandad or Horrible Histories Clip/ Talking Box artefacts

Handa’s surprise – learn as a retell

Pantomime – visit


Use Hampshire Talking box and secondary resources to introduce

Possible Trip to Titanic Museum in Southampton

Examining different vegetables – visit from local allotment to view gardens/vegetable patches

Suggested Role- Play area/small world area

Samuel Pepys office – diaries, writing, journals

Travel agents – Africa window display

Cinderella’s kitchen or Palace


Captain’s quarters

Bird watching den


Fantastic Finish

Recreate the Great Fire – burn the houses


Fairy Tale Day

Living Museum/exhibition

Parents to attend

Presentation or Assembly

Parents to visit to see produce/gardens