Welcome to Year 4 (Fox / Orange Class)


 Teacher  -  Mrs S Abbott






We have taken up the kind offer of a local resident to share his allotment in Shipton Bellinger.  So on Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 have been down the 'lotties' for some hard graft.  So far we have planted potatoes, broad beans, runner beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, carrots, snap-dragons, and  Nicotiana.  We are learning by our mistakes as the sweetcorn was annihilated by frost and then eaten by mice!



Pancakes & Coffee (Little House on the Prairie)

We all enjoyed reading the Little House on the Prairie, based on the true story of Laura Wilder-Ingalls whose family settled in the West.  As they migrated, they set up camp on the plains, and would cook delicious pancakes with bacon, molasses and coffee.  We tried to emulate this in the classroom, brewing our own coffee and making pancakes using cornmeal.  The syrup we added just about made it palatable!


Native American Masks

We were fascinated by the culture of the Native Americans.  In DT, we produced some stunning masks.  We used modroc on a card mould and painted them, adding natural materials.



We have been exploring how electricity moves through a circuit.  We have tested different materials to see which ones are conductors and which are insulators.  We also considered how to stay safe when using electricity and produced posters.



TILE BARN RESIDENTIAL - 1st - 2nd April 2019


The Climbing Wall Experience

Low Ropes

Forest Quest

Shelter Building

Meal and Social Times together!


Good Vibrations! January 2019