Welcome to Year 3 (Purple Class)

Teacher  -  Miss E Whyte

Learning Support Assistant -  Mrs L Edwards 

2017-18 KS2: Shipton Bellinger Creative Curriculum Long Term Plan: Year 3

Longitudinal science study: each class to decide on their own scientific question based in outside area and use this to collect data to present to parents/school in summer term.

PSHE – see LTP, RE see LTP (Living Difference)

Science use – LTP (to flesh out what is indicated below)

Year 3

Autumn 1 (7)

Autumn 2 (8)

Spring 1


Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Jurassic Park


Rampaging Romans

Shipton through the ages (joint project with Year 4)


Amazing rainforests


Literacy: see LJ – Stone-age Boy

Science: Animals


Locational knowledge to locate world’s countries, using maps (link to where dinosaur fossils found), Isle of White Hampshire Link – Iguanodon Isle. Latitude, longitude, equator, hemispheres etc

Art: Drawing

RE: Concept Belonging

Literacy:  LJ

History: invaders and settlers Stonehenge, Bronze and Iron Age (changes in Britain from Stone-age to Iron Age), significant site in the locality

Art: Clay

Science: rocks and fossils

RE: Concept Holy Mary, Mother of God












Literacy: LJ

History: Romans and impact on Britain

Science: Light

RE: Concept Making Choices – temptation (linked to Paschal Candle)

DT: making shields, armour

Literacy:  LJ

Art: Photography


Geography: study of the local area, mapping, compass points, fieldwork

Science: Light

RE: Concept Remembering (Easter Story)

Literacy: LJ

History: The Blitz

Science: forces and magnets

DT: Cooking on rations! Blitz recipes

RE: Concept: ritual


Literacy: LJ

Science: plants and animals

Geography: International study (possible comparison with local), key aspects of physical geography (climate zones, biomes, mountains etc)

Art: Paintings

RE: Concept

Creation – Creation Stories

Suggested Super Starter (hook)

Visit from the librarian moaning – school library needs more information on the dinosaurs.


How many dinosaurs could you fit in the school hall? Open-ended problem for children to explore – link to maths and measure

Trip to Stonehenge/Amesbury – mini enquiry – what was this structure used for. Exploration and Debate in class.


Or P4C type question: Should Stonehenge be one of the seven wonders of the world?

Trip to Roman Baths


Invite army in to help train children in tactics/marching for use in invasion day.

Invite local residents who have lived in the village for many years in to share information about Shipton.


Interview members of staff who went to school/get photos down and other artefacts from the loft.

Use of artefacts, photographs and other secondary sources – children to explore and use to generate questions

Use Talking Boxes from Hampshire Wardrobe (order in advance) – these contain primary and secondary artefacts

Use a text: The Vanishing Rainforest for a P4C/Discussion:

Why is the Brazilian rainforest vanishing so fast? And why is it essential not only to the people and animals within it, but to the whole world? This story, seen through the eyes of a child called Remaema.


Fantastic Finish

Producing their own Dinosaur fact-file for Blue Class

Producing a detailed class timeline  


Invasion of Year 4 and 5 classes (film to share with school in Celebration Assembly)


Exhibition for village to attend

Parents invited

Poetry recital in assembly

Art display for Parents invited