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 Teacher  -  Mr D Whitehouse & Mrs K Walker

Learning Support Assistant -  Mrs J Hellawell 


2017-18 KS2: Shipton Bellinger Creative Curriculum Long Term Plan: Year 6

Longitudinal science study: each class to decide on their own scientific question based in outside area and use this to collect data to present to parents/school in summer term.

PSHE – see LTP, RE see LTP (Living Difference)

Science use – LTP (to flesh out what is indicated below)

Year 6

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Trip to Bude

Summer 2




The Mayans

The Mayans




Literacy: LJ The Pilot

Art: optical pop art – artist study

DT: Cooking

History: A study over time – looking how several aspects of natural history are reflected in the locality

Science: Light and electricity

RE: Concept Sacred and prophecy

Literacy: LJ

History: Non-European Society – The Mayans (comparison with British history)

Art: Sculpture

DT: Structures

Geography: South America study, settlement, land use, economic activity, mapping

Science: Living things and habitats

RE: Concept Power and resurrection


Literacy: LJ

Science: Evolution and inheritance

History: Significant turning point in GB History (first railways, bridges etc) Inventor – I. Brunel

Sex Education

DT: Inventions

RE: Concept Salvation and ritual


Suggested super Starter (hook)

Images of 1940s – children to use to generate enquiry questions for the topic or use it as a classification activity

Range of sources – secondary

Use of Hampshire Talking Boxes

P4C: What makes a good invention?




Fantastic Finish

Fact-file, time-line

Exhibition in classroom – parents invited

Trip to Bude

The Next Apprentice – chn pitch their inventions – parents invited