Welcome to Year 5 (Red Class)


 Teacher  -  Mrs L Luke

Learning Support Assistants -  Mrs J Christer & Mrs S Gregory 


2017-18 KS2: Shipton Bellinger Creative Curriculum Long Term Plan: Year 5

Longitudinal science study: each class to decide on their own scientific question based in outside area and use this to collect data to present to parents/school in summer term.

PSHE – see LTP, RE see LTP (Living Difference)

Science use – LTP (to flesh out what is indicated below)

Year 5

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



The boy king


Coast to coast

Fantastic Fossils


Greeks – sports day



Literacy: LJ The Historium

History: Achievements of earliest civilisations – Egyptians

Science: Forces – pyramids

Science: Properties and materials

Art: Drawing

RE: Concept Community

Literacy: LJ


European study

RE: Concept Interpretation

DT: Cooking

Literacy: LJ

Geography: Uk Coasts, Water Cycle

Science: Living things and habitats

RE: Concept Water

Art: artist study linked to water


Literacy: LJ

Geography: Uk Coasts, Water Cycle

Science: Fossils and fossilisation

Reproduction plants and animals

RE: Concept Easter


Literacy: LJ

History: The legacy of the Greeks (Olympics, democracy etc)

Art: Myths and Legends/ Pottery

DT: Levers, pulleys etc

Science: Planets and earth

RE: Concept Submission and interpretation


Suggested super Starter (hook)

Visit to the Tutankhamun Museum in Dorchester OR

Primary History Resources/photographs

Photographs and other secondary sources

News clippings on coastal erosion, information in the media on a particular area

Geography/science – artefact box – chn to explore different Fossils

Use photographs/images of different pottery which depict iconic images of Olympics – use to encourage questioning/P4C discussion


Fantastic Finish

Exhibition in class for parents – a living museum

Lonely Planet Page on Berlin

Visit to coastal area


Parents invited

Plan for Sports Day