Welcome to Year 1 (Green Class)


 Teacher  -  Mrs E Richards

Learning Support Assistant -  Mrs K Langley



Shipton Bellinger Creative Curriculum Long Term Plan: Year 1 2017-18

Longitudinal science study: each class to decide on their own scientific question based in outside area and use this to collect data to present to parents/school in summer term.

PSHE – see LTP, RE see LTP (Living Difference)

Science use – LTP (to flesh out what is indicated below)

Year 1

Autumn 1 (7)

Autumn 2 (8)

Spring 1


Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


The Jolly Postman

To infinity and beyond!

Once upon a time

(Three Little Pigs)

Amazing animals

Toy Story

Land Ahoy!


Literacy: LJ The Jolly Postman

Science: plants

Geography: simple compass directions, map skills, positional language, vocabulary,

Art: observational drawings

RE: Concept Bread (Harvest)

Literacy: LJ

History: Neil Armstrong/Tim Peake (changes in living memory)

DT: making their own rockets

Science: space and moon landings/ everyday materials

RE: Concept Light

Literacy: LJ

Science: Animals/ seasonal changes DT: structures

RE: Concept Change

Geography: Weather and Seasonal Changes

Literacy: LJ

Science: Animals and their babies

Art: painting

History: Significant places, people and events in their own locality

RE: Concept Happy

Literacy: LJ

instructions for how they made their toy.

Science: materials, pushes and pulls

DT: levers, pulleys, mechanisms/axels

RE: Concept Special

History: Changes within living memory – different toys

Literacy: LJ

writing a sea shanty(poem),

PE: Gym – practising key skills as a pirate

Geography: points of compass, name 7 continents, 5 oceans, characteristics of UK, surrounding seas

Science: plants

RE: Concept Ritual

Suggested super Starter (hook)

Share the JP book with the children – act out the story/learn it using Pie Corbett Actions

Turn the classroom into a space ship – they have to arrive in school in their space suits/carry out activities as astronauts

Newspaper article about Goldilocks

Or cooking porridge/alternative breakfast snacks – healthy eating link

Bring your pet to school day!


Trip to the Zoo

Looking at different toys – use Hampshire Talking Box

Visit from Peg and Meg (pirates) they are looking for more pirates to train and recruit.

Suggested Role- Play area/small world area

Post-office/The local shop

Space station

Three Little Pigs House



Pirate’s cabin


Fantastic Finish

Producing their own Jolly Postman Book based on the village

Assembly to show case their rockets

Fairy-tale Day


Producing an information text for the library

Toy exhibition

Parents attend

Pirate Passing out Parade – parents to attend